Ivana Trump & Her Toyboy!

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    May December romance: Italian actor Rossano Rubicondi sizes up his finacee Ivana Trump while on holiday in St Barts yesterday
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  6. thats what Im going to do when i get older.
  7. his expression in the first pic. :lol:

    i heard they get married. does anyone know if it's true?
  8. Can someone say gold digger? Speaking about the guy of course....

    Also, who told her she can still wear a two piece?!?!
  9. lol Go Ivanka!
  10. i think its time she goes ot gym or get plastic surgery on her sagging body :p:roflmfao:
  11. she looks fine natural and healthy. not everyone can look like paris hilton...

    seriously we need to get over the "supermodel" look. if your not born with it, then you dont need it!! :smile:
  12. I think she looks good for 56.
  13. She does look good for her age....but she still shouldn't be wearing a two piece!! At 56 something a little more age appropriate is in order I think.
  14. I think she looks good for her age but the bathing suit is not very flattering, maybe a solid color would look better on her instead of that gradma floral print
  15. Oh, this is Ivana. Ivanka's her daughter. I was confused when I opened the thread! My initial reaction was "WTH happened to her????":p