iv gone recycle crazy!

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  1. since theres loads of talk about local authorities in the UK about to start charging for what we through away in the last month i have become recycle mad!
    i can not believe how wasteful we used to be as a family. we have my recycle boxes for card. newspapers, plastic and glass and we bought a composter. all un cooked food, peelings, shells and things go in the composter.
    i live with my parents and we are down to 1 big bag of rubbish a week.
    i feel so proud.

    anyone else sarted thinking about the waste they have? or is anyone els going recycle crazy?
  2. Good on ya :tup:

    Check out this blog if you're interested in how to further increase your *ecological footstep*: http://noimpactman.typepad.com/blog/ ... this guy lives in Manhattan with his family and still manages to use no electricity, not buy anything new, ect. It's really encouraging!

    I've become a little obsessed about avoiding trash and living more environmentally friendly in general, but hey -- it's definitely a good thing!
  3. i made my mom into a recycling addict and i didn't even mean to! now whenever i throw an envelope into the trash she gives me a lecture. isn't it amazing how much 'trash' can be recycled?