IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

  1. After months of trying with just clomid, we haven't gotten pregnant yet. Our RE already suggested IUI with the clomid/ injectables. I know that most insurance companies don't cover the procedure, and the clinic visits, ultrasounds, sperm washing, etc.... Has anyone here done IUI and how much did it cost? Thanks in advance.
  2. I did IUI with clomid and got pregnant with my daughter. I think it only cost us about $200. In terms of fertility treatments, it's not that expensive, but it can depend on whether they perform the IUI in conjunction with you taking clomid (a very cheap drug) or or with more expensive injectable hormones or medications. Also, some doctors like to perform ultrasounds with each cycle to check the the ovaries and count folicles, which can drive up the cost. My doctor didn't do that.
  3. I got pregnant with my twins through IUI+Gonal F injectibles. Clomid didnt cost much, but sadly didnt work for us, so my RE suggested IUI and injectibles instead. The IUI itself cost us about 186$ out of pocket, combine that with sperm washing around 200$. However in our case, IUI+injectibles requires medications (ovidrel and gonal f). The meds cost us 1000$ and this is enough for that cycle only. Then the extensive ultrasounds, follicle counts every 2 days cost about 300$ each...I think we did about 6 check up, total of $1800. All up one cycle of IUI+injectibles cost approx $3000.

    Luckily for us, we got pregnant with that combo after trying for almost 3 yrs, spent over 15K for various tests, laparoscopy surgeries (all not covered by my insurance) and almost given up with the whole idea.

    Have you RE suggested more tests or lap? To be honest, I wouldnt be able to get pregnant even with meds if I didnt have lap and they found massive endo everywhere in which they couldnt even clean mine 100%, hence the need to be on meds for extra boost. By the way ultrasound couldnt detect my endo so it's not like they didn't try to find one. I would consult to RE again to find the hidden problem before you go spend more $$ for meds.