Itunes keeps downloading, how to make it stop

  1. I bought a TV show episode in HD from the itunes store some time ago. The HD stuff takes forever to download so I just download the non-HD shows now or the part of the download that is not HD. Anyway everytime I start itunes and connect with my password, it attempts to download these shows. I right click and choose to delete them, this stops the download at the time, but if I go back in tomorrow it will attempt to download them again.

    This is 4 items I have to right click and choose delete every time I connect. What a PITA. How do I delete these items permanently? Or is there another Apple forum someone can point me to for help?

  2. I have the exact same problem, I always think I've deleted the HD download and then the next time I buy something, voila, it all pops up and trys to start downloading again.
  3. but haven't you already paid for these downloads?
  4. I had a similar problem. I ended up having to contact iTunes support and they had to go in and remove the TV show from my queue.

    You can just go to your order history under 'The Store' tab. Go to 'View My Account'. That should show you your 'Account History'. You should be able to click on a tab called 'Purchase History'. That should list all the music, etc you have downloaded. Find the TV show and click 'report a problem' next to the title.
    Carefully explain what is going on and they should be able to fix it for you.
  5. ^^^Thank you I will try that and post back
  6. if that doesn't help, melissatrv, here is a direct link to the apple discussion forums direct from the apple website. there are many apple experts there that could help you with almost anything. it's a great resource.

    just click on iTunes and go from there. good luck!
  7. if you purchased the item, then you have no choice but to download the item. It will keep downloading everytime you open your iTunes. Even if the item was free, its the same story.

    My option is to just allow the download to complete and if you dont want the item, simply delete it.
  8. It is very simple to select in your option.
  9. Couldn't of said it better.