itunes/ipod compatibility probs?

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  1. okay, this is weird.

    i'm slowly rebuilding my music collection after a computer disaster, so that MAY be the problem.

    but i have a few music vids i downloaded, but they won't sync when i plug in my ipod. i get a popup error that the "video could not be transferred because it cannot be played on this ipod". uhm...

    i have a video ipod, itunes is updated, and there's more than enough space for a video on my ipod. and everything else is syncing, except for the videos?

    any suggestions?
  2. Hmmmmm, never had this problem exactly. I have had other ipod issues though and have found a lot of help on the ilounge forum if you wanna try that! Good luck!
    P.S. You had a computer disaster too?! Good grief, glad things are starting to look up!
  3. i talked to a few people and they can't figure exactly what is going on...

    oh yes. computer disaster, too. when it rains, it pours.
  4. is the music video's already in m4a file? that is the fle's that compatible in the ipod.
    u could put the video first in ur itunes,a nd before put it to the ipod, u could "export" to ipod. or in quicktime software, u should export to ipod.
  5. I remember having this same error some time ago, but I can't remember how I resolved it. I did a google search, and assuming that your files are in a compatible format, there is an easy fix to this on this page:

    Quote: All you have to do is change the file name of your videos to .m4v format. No additional encoding is necessary since it's already in an iPod format. Just double check your file extension and transfer your files to your iPod.
  6. but wouldn't a music vid that was downloaded from itunes already be in the right format?!

    i've had no problems getting other music vids on there (i rarely buy vids from itunes), i don't know...
  7. Just verify that the filename has the correct extension. If you are unsure how to do this let me know, and I can show you. I would need to know what operating system you are using.
  8. file type is protected mpeg-4...does that help? that's what i got when clicking the info on the vid.
  9. wait. checked. it's .m4v

    now i'm confused...
  10. i would ask apple's tech support or a mac forum...i dont have a video ipod so i am of no help to you