iTunes and presale passcodes... how does it work?

  1. I have never done this before with preordering an album on iTunes, though I've bought plenty. I must see the Smashing Pumpkins!!

    I preordered on the last day, at night. I'm Eastern time. Don't know if that will make a difference, but it was probably about 10 at night.

    Well today I got an e-mail about the album being available since I pre-ordered it. And I got it only today and I didn't get anything else about it, like a receipt or something from iTunes like the night I bought it.

    So the pre-sale is Thursday... will I get it on that day do you think? I'm having a hard time finding a number or SOMETHING to contact iTunes to find out and it's driving me crazy. I'm still going to try and find out if I was supposed to get one? It said it when I made the purchase and even the SP website said it.

    I'm hoping someone on here knows-- not just for this band obviously but for whichever, did you get your passcode to pre-order on the day the pre-sale started? I mean you'd figure you'd get everything together and then when ticketmaster allows you to you can use it...

    Thanks for any help!