Itty Bitty Teeny Tint Earthquake

  1. Just happened here a few minutes ago.
    It was tiny, a 2. something, but it shook my house & we are supposedly on solid granite! I get the feeling our realtor may have fibbed about that. Anybody else in the OC area feel it?
  2. No, I did not feel anything. Where are you located?
  3. yikes. i live in OC but currently in FL. over here for the hurricanes.
  4. Wow, you really got a shake?
  5. I'm in LA so I didn't feel a thing.
  6. Yeah we got a quick jolt, usually we don't feel them much so this is odd. I was just wondering, since we seem to have a lot of members in the OC area, if any of you over there or in LA felt it. I guess not though.
  7. I'm in Cypress and I didn't feel it either.