Itty Bitty questions!

  1. I hate to chime in with trivial little questions, but I have a couple that have been lingering on my mind the last few days, and I haven't been able to locate an answer to them on my own :yes:

    First, does anyone know if the color Framboise is still around? If so, has anyone ever seen it in bag form?

    Second, can someone let me know what a 30cm Birkin is running right now? I'd love to know what it is in Togo, Clemence, Fjord or Chevre!

    Third, in terms of the HACs, how comfortable are they to carry? Because when I tried on on the other day (I believe it was a 32cm), I had trouble getting it on my wrist with my coat on. Maybe it's because I was wearing the coat, but is it normally a tight fit for the arm? Is it supposed to be carried by hand only? :confused1:
  2. i can only tell you that yes, the hac is for hand-held because it was originally designed as a bag for toting riding boots. it can be carried on the arm in the warmer months. ;)
  3. Framboise was renamed rose shocking according to my store. Apparently, "framboise" wasn't lodging in clients' memories for some reason. I haven't yet seen it in a bag... and yes, it's still around.
  4. Sounds like you're on the right track Neeya, since thats the colour you want your bag!! :yes:
  5. lol I have seen an agenda that was tagged as "Framboise" but it was a MUCH brighter pink than Rose Shocking, it was just gorgeous! Maybe it was the way that the leather held the color, since I don't *think* it was Chevre...could be wrong hah! I've only seen Rose Shocking in Chevre so far, hell I don't even even know if it's used on any other leathers! I'm considering buying the agenda cover and using it as a notebook just to get some of that gorgeous color!
  6. Frambois is different from Rose Shocking. Frambois is raspberry color, definitely a lot more red than Rose Shocking. I personally prefer Rose Shocking over Frambois. I was told that at the moment, they're only making frambois in small leather goods, UNLESS they let you SO it.
  7. Have you tried to put an SO in yet, Neeya? Might be the right time to get all cozy with your SA! :drinkup:
  8. I must inquire about this :devil:
  9. Oh... perhaps my store didn't have it quite right...sorry Neeya! It's just what I was told....
  10. i think i read the HAC handles are a bit shorter than the birkin handles so maybe it is a warm weather bag for the arm.

    as for a birkin 30 cm, the charlotte store just sold a vert anis 30 cm chevre birkin for 7000 us dollars pre hike. i think most of the 30 cm are around 6500 to 7000, prob closer to 7000 now. my epsom 35 went up one hundred dollars to 7300.

    are you thinking about a birkin 30? it's such a great bag, hope you get what you are looking for! :biggrin: