itty bitty diamond bangles

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  1. i just wanted to know what you ladies thought of these white, yellow, and rose gold bangles with tiny little diamonds :yes:


    would you get just one? or would you buy two and wear them together? if i were to get one i'd probably get the white gold....but i kinda wanted to get one other one to wear together.....would that look weird? if you think i should get two, should i get white and rose or white and yellow? sorry for all the question :sad:

    and overall i'd just love to hear what you think about them.....are they too plain? too old looking? too boring? TIA!!!! ;)
  2. 1 is too boring. Get at least 2. If you can afford it, 4 would be great: 2 whites, 2 yellows.
  3. A little too thin for my taste and I'd be nervous about them being too bendable.
  4. japster you're the jewelry expert :yes: would they really bend? i tend to bang my bracelets/watches around a lot since i'm clumsy :wtf:
  5. Wow, very cute. I'd wear 2 or 3 at a time.
  6. they're nice...i would get 1 of each and wear 3 of them
  7. I think they're a little thin, as well. :yes: If you did get them, if I were you, I'd buy an odd number, like three (one of each), as odd numbers tend to look better than even ones.
  8. Agree, go with an odd number and go easy on them...they are dainty!
  9. I was just going to post about this, where are these from? I saw some at too. I want to decide between this look or a small diamond tennis bracelet. Do you think the bangle is too trendy and a tennis bracelet would be a better buy?
  10. I just looked and these are plated over SS, so there shouldn't be an issue. :yes:
  11. Those are adorable! where did you find them?
  12. I'd go with one of each color. They are very cute, and I love stacking bracelets!
  13. Stack them up! I would wear 4 or 5 even more!
  14. thanks everyone for the feedback! japster SS doesn't bend as much as gold? i have a lot of gold and no silver bracelets so i dont' really know how this works :shame:

    i found these bracelets at're ridiculously cheap, and i don't have any bangle bracelets so i thought these would be a cute fun option :P
  15. OMG! I just found them on the Macy's website-at that price-buy all 3 of them! they are cute!