ITT Please post photos of your brightly colored small Hermes accessories!

  1. I love seeing all the colors of the rainbow. I have made it my quest to purchase brightly colored small leather goods from Hermes for my collection. So far I have a Bearn wallet in cyclamen epsom and this little cutie in BJ clemence:


    I am hoping to get something in GREEN at some point, but not sure which green yet (vert anis?). It's fun thinking about it though.

    (Sorry I don't have a photo of Mademoiselle Bearn. A few of her stitches were loose so I sent her to Claude to be repaired, and she's there right now. Hurray for Claude, they are so nice at Madison Ave! :tup: )
  2. Sorry no bright coloured accessories for me yet but your agenda is beautiful!
  3. Lovely agenda! I wish I could contribute but all my accessories are variations of BLACK and BROWN! LMAO!!!!!!
  4. 'Tis Ok S'Mom, in a former life I'm certain I was a fabulous gay man. I came back sorta frumpy in this lifetime, but I still love the bright colors. :p
  5. ^^ Love that thread, thanks so much! :tup:
  6. i don't have pics but i have a violet chevre vision agenda with a rose shocking carmencita bookmark, vermillion chevre karo gm, vermillion togo ulysees pm and then lots of other blue and red accessories from LV and chanel in my bag. I am way to heavy on the blue and red. and they're all pretty much the same shades! i need green too- and maybe grey and raisin! lol. love your bj ulysees. that's another color i need. LOL.