It's Wednesday! Pics :~)

  1. Oh yeah, I just got home from fedex and mommy has a new box to play with! Yay, I'm like a giddy little school girl. Truly makes my heart smile! :cutesy: Lemme see ya bounce right then left and let ya shoulda lean....and enjoy the ride. Here we go!
  2. And don't worry I know how to use my knife! He he. I was careful, and its teflon:yes:
    2741.jpg 2743.jpg 2742.jpg 2744.jpg 2745.jpg
  3. this thread is too funny!
    that knife is scary :wtf:
  4. And just to show you how perfect the day was, this is what the sky looked like on the way home! Just gorgeous don't you think? Yes I'm stalling. Anticipation is crazy, no?
  5. Ok so cancel this because I can't get the image to upload for some reason. But to describe, the clouds were in a crazy pattern and the sun was shining right in the middle with a beautiful sunset
  6. Little box coming out of the big box....dun dun dunnn!
  7. That is a big box, I am guessing a tote...haha, maybe a baby cabas?
  8. It's almost here....
    2749.jpg 2750.jpg
  9. Yeah, the box took up my entire front seat, it was crazy. I was like a giddy little school girl on the way home waiting to open it
  10. well, it's not a bag that just came out, but one that I have been looking at for about two years. It's my first chanel so I gotta start with used on the totem pole and work my way up huh
  11. come on

    show us what's inside..
  12. Peeking out
  13. Hmmm?? Flap bag.....hehe
  14. Yikes, one hour and still no bag pic?? :sad:
  15. It should be a large bag...Hmmmmm~~