It's Under The Tree! *update* I got my ring!!!

  1. it's under the stinkin' tree!!!!!
    Is he going to make me wait 6 more days?:hysteric:

    On a whim, DH decided to upgrade my wedding ring 2 years before we thought we would.
    He thought 2.5 carats and I was hoping for 3 carats:shame:
    We've been shopping for the right stone; well he tried to, but was finding stones I wouldn't wear so I stepped in :biggrin:
    In the past week or 2 we located probably 4-5 stones that fit his and my criteria.
    He wanted to take over from here so he could sort of go back to his original plan of doing it all by himself and surprising me:love:'cept, it's not too much of a surprise now is it?! LOL!
    He came home tonight from being in Louisiana for the last 2 days and takes my current ring and says he needs to run an errand and go to Lowe's to get light bulbs.
    he came back and installed the bulbs. . . .
    and I just noticed a little bag w/ a teeny little wrapped box in it UNDER THE TREE!!!!

  2. Patience is a virtue doesn't it!!!!

    I can't WAIT to see!
  3. patience is a virtue i unfortunately don't have :yucky:. RIP IT OPEN!!!!!!! :nuts::nuts:

    i can't to see what this beauty looks like.....congrats i'm sure it's going to be GORGEOUS!
  4. ^oh lawd I hope so!:shocked:

    I'm dying!!
  5. the wait would drive me nuts!!!!! how exciting!
  6. How Fun!!!
  7. that is too funny! and very sweet of him! i hope you get what you wished for ;)
  8. OK! DH is a complete pushover! :love:LOL!
    Taking photos now. . . .
  9. OMG SWANKY! I have a little box under the tree too, and it's driving me crazy! I wanna seeeeeeeee :yahoo:
  10. YESSS!!!!!! i wanna see NOW! thanks goodness we don't have to wait to bask in the glory of shiny shiny diamonds :dothewave:
  11. Yay!!!! Waiting...:popcorn:
  12. Waiting.
  13. :whistle::whistle::whistle:
  14. oooooooooooooooo....
  15. OK, bear w/ me! I didn't want DH to think I was a complete lunatic! LOL!
    As soon as he left the room, I flew to my desk and started snapping pics, then I had to move them to my PC and watermark/resize them! ARGH! Here it is!
    I will update w/ specs tomorrow, all I know now is it's 3.67:heart:
    It actually looks fake to me! :lol:
    IMG_1178tpf.jpg IMG_1180tpf.jpg IMG_1182tpf.jpg IMG_1196tpf.jpg