It's unbelievable! Saks never ordered the vinyl medium flap bag in the Maroon color!

  1. My mom had bought the J12 watch from Saks on EGC day and that was over 3 grand so she got a $450 credit. Anyway she has completely fallen in love with the maroon burgundy colored Rock Vinyl flap bag in the medium size and wanted to use the $450 off of it. Never thinking that Saks didn't order that combo! They bought the maroon in the small flap and in the doctor bag with the zippers! They only ordered the black one and the green one in the medium flap! I just don't understand! We are so disappointed. It would have only cost $1350 instead of $1700!!! :sad:

    Yeah I just wanted to vent! Why would Saks do that? Neimans has it! Of course there she would need to pay full price :cursing:
  2. Has she asked them if they can order it for her? I don't know for sure how it works, but its worth a shot! Good luck :smile:
  3. Yup! Being they never ordered that combo ever, they can't special order it now. Because they order their stock months and months in advance. :push: