It's twins! Tangerine & toffee.

  1. Here they are, my new twinnies. I saw them on an earlier trip to the Shepton Mallet factory shop but just couldn't decide and ended up buying the Judy instead.
    Got home and realised that for the price (£315) I could have had two Aralines which are a much more sensible size for me and my lifestyle.
    So, back to Shepton today, to exchange Judy for Tangerine & Toffee.
    They're soft nappa which I think will be more durable than washable nappa and were £147 each (RRP £295).
    tangerine 1.JPG toffee 1.JPG twins 1.JPG twins 2.JPG
  2. Wow, what a bargain. they're gorgeous!! (Thanks for talking to the SA at the outlet for me!!!)
  3. :tup:Lovely congratulations
  4. Fantastic! I have the toffee one and I love it :heart: The orange one is lovely, such a vibrant colour :tup:
  5. Beautiful! Love the pretty orange and the toffe is sooo yummy... :drool:
  6. They are adorable! I wish live near a Mulberry factory shop! Enjoy them.
  7. Gorgeous, love the tangerine! Im a sucker for bright colours and that one is just great!
  8. They're gorgeous. Congratulations!

    I'm *so* tempted by the tangerine one but I actually think my husband would divorce me if I bought another bag right now. It's just that it would go so well with my new winter coat :crybaby:

    Oh well, if it's meant to be, they'll still be around in a couple of months...
  9. Dita, I think they have been around for a while (I nearly bought a tangerine one in the summer sale last year), so I should think they will be around for a while yet in the outlets.
  10. congrats on the twins!
  11. Thanks all. Ditab, they did have a few more of the tangerine. I'm soooo pleased with them both.
  12. Wha! I wish I lived near a Mulberry outlet :sad: I'm soooooooo envious, your 2 new babies are so beautiful and soft-looking! Congrats!
  13. wow! your modeling pix as well. Love to see how they look on you
  14. Very beautiful!

  15. Will post pics in the next couple of days.

    Took Tangerine out for the first time today and got 3 compliments - this is a show stopping bag all right!