It's to bad I cant sell here yet!

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  1. Need to wait for 5 months :crybaby:

    And boyfriend want's me to sell now so we can buy our dreamhouse. LOL.

    And I can't sell on eBay for different reasons.

    Any1 knows where I can sell my purses?

  2. Consignment shops, either locally or online.
  3. you mean you were trying to sell here on TPF?
  4. I think this thread should be closed.
    Sorry but to me it seems like you're hoping people will PM you asking "What do you got to sell"

    You said you can't sell on eBay for 'reasons'. Seems suspicious to me..

    Sorry I just don't want my fellow PFer's getting ripped off.

  5. Agreed. Seems weird to me. Hope this thread gets closed.
  6. :yes::yes:
  7. ITA:yes:
  8. You have only 9 posts and you want to sell? Was your sole purpose in coming here to sell? THAT is the reason it isn't allowed for newbies, because we don't know you from any other scammer who wants to rip people off here.
  9. it's a privilege to sell here, must be earned.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.