******......it's time!!!

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  1. Just thought I'd share with everyone that ****** checks go out on the 15th of February - in a couple of days, yippeee!!!

    Anyone have any special plans with what they plan on doing with their rebates? I am planning on putting the money towards the purchase of a LV speey 30 or 35....Not sure what size yet?

    My question to everyone....does anyone know when ELUXURY will be having FREE SHIPPING again and/or when they usually increase the rebates amount like back around Xmas? Just curious!!

    ....I love ******!!!

  2. Enjoy your check! Sounds like you have pretty good plans already!
  3. Good for you. If you get the speedy, post pics please.
  4. What happens with ****** if you return some stuff you bought? And they've already mailed the check?
  5. How often do they mail the checks?
  6. I plan on putting my money towards a Philip Stein watch! So exciteddd
  7. Wow, it seems like I just got the last one. Can't wait!
  8. sweet! i forgot about my ****** refund... just in time for Saks double discount!!
  9. I love free money!!!
  10. oh thank G-d I could really use that hundred bucks in my paypal account
  11. I have over $200.00 in mine and it is going towards my new Jimmy Choo bag! :yahoo: ****** is AWESOME!
  12. Anybody knows ..when will be the next cyber day??

  13. Finally, I'm so excited! This'll be my 1st check from them...have over $200 coming my way!! :yahoo:
  14. I wish I used ****** before.... :sad:
    I started in December, so I probably won't have a big enough check coming to use for anything good this time. But I will for the next ****** check...

  15. Yup...there's always next time!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.