It's TIME!

  1. :yes: I'm really thinking about getting something DAMIER AZUR!
    I'm in LOVE with the speedy. But is the 25 or 30 better for Azur?

    what do you like the most in Damier Azur?
    What do you think the best style is for that?

    I need something roomy, I carry alot of stuff!
    So I can't just get a Pochette.
    A Pochette is only enough for me to put my make up in..

    Help a chick out here!
    I need a new LV!
  2. Can you wait until May 1st when the new Damier Azur Sporty comes out?:graucho: I'm holding out on getting my first Azur piece until I see this new bag.

    I've seen the Speedy and because of all the things I carry, I would prefer the Speedy 30 if I were to get a Speedy ---more room.

    Good luck with your decision!!!!
  3. Sporty?
    Oh boy! I might just have to wait..
    It sounds pretty cool!

    But I'm a sucker for speedys.

    I have an MC 30, but it has a sag that I dont like.

    Im against the whole "sag" thing.

    I've heard that the 25 dosent sag as much, and I'd really like that.
    But Im not sure what one looks better.
  4. The 25 also has sag so you really can't escape it unless you deliberately fix it with a magazine at the bottom or whatnot.
    I personally prefer the Cerises is actually small looking now that I have 6 larger Speedys.
  5. i just got my azur 25 todayyyyy!!!! loovveeeeee :love:
  6. i think 30 is good size, how about put a cardboard inside to solve the "sag" problem
  7. i prefer the 30. as soon as i can get my greedy little hands on one i will have it!
  8. I think Damier Azur looks great in Speedy 30 and Saleya PM.

    This ain't helping, but I love the Pochette too.
  9. i have the azur speedy 25 and i love it. with speedy sizes, it's really a matter of personal preference. my first speedy was a mono 30 but i found it too big so i sold it. but you could be a "big bag" person so the 30 could be more for you.
    what do i love about the azur? everything! the color is so fresh- perfect for spirng/summer. it also goes well with jeans. i am a big fan of this line (obviously, haha). whatever you get, i don't think you can go wrong with azur.
  10. Wait for the Sporty!
  11. i prefer the speedy 30, it looks better(on me)and it's the perfect size.i think it depends on how much you carry and if you need a roomy bag the 30 would be perfect for you.
  12. I love the Saleya PM too.
  13. I really want to see the Azure sporty picture....

  14. me too :yes: :yes:

    I have 25 but if you want more room, you should get 30
  15. wait for the new models. Or get a noé. :yes: