It's time to plan another Road trip. Portland to Yellowstone

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  1. Hi,

    I've decided to visit Portland Oregon next summer and at the same time I thought we make a Road Trip to Yellowstone. What I want to know is what there is to see on the way to and from Yellowstone and what detours are worth doing.

    I thought about going the north route thru north Idaho and Montana on the way there and back the south way with perhaps a visit to Salt Lake City (If its worth visiting). We have 10 days to do the Road trip. Is the time enough? I don't think we will be spending more than 2 full days in Yellowstone.

    Any recs or thoughts you can give me on this is appreciated, I'm also looking for good guidebooks.

    Thank you
  2. I think (and double check Google maps cuz I could be totally off base) that Crater Lake would be on your way to Yellowstone. It is still in OR and would only be a few hours from Portland. I have only been through the southern/western part of Yellowstone but that is where Old Faithful is. I think the northern part is where the bears are at (which is what I wanted to see), but there are buffalo to be seen throughout the park. Yellowstone is SUPER busy in the summer and be prepared for people randomly stopping in the middle of the road to take pictures. People seem to forget their manners while driving there.

    Unless you are Mormon, there is not a whole lot to see in Salt Lake. Their biggest attraction is the Mormon Temple downtown. If you do spend any time there, there is a fun piano bar called The Tavernacle that is downtown on one of the main streets. People get up on the pianos and sing along and dance and stuff.

    I just looked on the map and Crater Lake is in the southern part of OR - personally I would skip Salt Lake and drive down the coast of OR and across ID into Yellowstone. There isn't really much to see and do in Montana either as far as I'm aware. We just came home that way from WA over the summer and I was rather unimpressed. Probably because Montana just reminded me a lot of Wyoming, where I live. :biggrin:
  3. Another thing you could think about doing is hitting Glacier National Park as well (instead of the OR coast). It's in Montana, up near Canada and is supposed to be beautiful.
  4. Thank you. Yes, I thought about doing Glacier National Park and Grand Teton but at the same time I'm thinking it might be too much nature if that's possible :smile:
  5. What time of the year are you thinking of going? That would change the route and sights that I think you should see.

    Can I ask why you are starting in Portland?
  6. This will be mid August. I choose Portland because I've never been there and the coast of Oregon is suppose to be lovely.
  7. x
  8. It is lovely. I lived in Portland my entire life--just moved from there last year and I am in Arizona now. :smile:

    The coast is lovely--but only in July-Sept, which fits into your plan nicely!!! :smile:

    Portland is an amazing city. I will own a summer home there eventually.

    I was just there 2 weeks ago and miss it.

    What kinds of things are you looking to do in Oregon? How many days will you be there/etc.??? :smile:
  9. I'm not entirely sure. I thought perhaps a week and then 10 days to get to Yellowstone and back. Nothing is set yet since I'm only in the early stage of planning but it definitely be in August.
  10. Well, let me know when you start planning. PM me or something and I will help you figure out what to do, if you'd like.