Its time... to finally get Balenciaga Bag with a little bit of help...

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I'm finally gonna do it!!! I'm gonna stick my order in with Aloha Rag and wait.... (lets hope the waiting doesn't drive me up the wall)...

    Just wondering, what colour would you get??? I'd love to hear what you guys have to say! :smile:

    I'm thinking for a size - Medium - for some reason i carry so much 'crap' (hehehe)

    Let me know!!!
  2. Yeyyyy... join the club! I'm also waiting for Aloha Rag to email me if they get in the ink, emerald, and rust. Any day now...
  3. Yay, Helen! :biggrin: Just my personal preference, but I'd get any medium to darker blue shade, any red shade, or white, though that one may be hard to clean. I love the cornflower blue and indigo shades :love:

    Did you e-mail Aloha Rag? They sent me a PDF file on Monday of the bags they have available and the colors.

    Let us know what you decide!
  4. good luck! if you carry a ton of stuff, i do recommend the medium, i adore my small but i carry a ton of keys, a big wallet, and an enormous sunglasses case, so there's not a ton of room left, but i like it that way because it's different than what i have and is more versatile than most of my (huge) bags. now i'm eyeing a medium in maybe another color....ahhhh i'm addicted!
  5. helenNZ, for S/S 06 my favorite color is cornflower blue, second favorite is ink, and I haven't seen a swatch of the emerald, but I think it sounds lovely as well.
  6. I am a fan of the cornflower blue as well; I am so excited to see all the new Balenciaga bags you guys are purchasing.

    Be sure to let us know how your Aloha Rag experience goes as well.
  7. Good for you, Helen! I have a Cornflower (blue) B-bag and I love it. This shade of blue can be used in winter and summer -- not too light, not too dark. I'm wanting the rust one too! Balenciaga has some great colors to choose from. Let us know what you decide!
  8. Thanks for your replies! :nuts: I guess today, while i start 'work' i'll be thinking about the colour i want! ekekek!

    i'll totally keep you posted!!!! :P
  9. Actually, that looks an awful lot like my cornflower (blue) B-bag....
  10. That "plum" bag is really "ink/encre". I think she is just using a different color description. The ink I think is real chameleon like due to different lighting. Sometimes it looks almost navy/black and other times, it looks dark purple-ish. Hope that helps :amuse:
  11. hmm, im getting totally confused now! I thought cornflower blue was much lighter according to the swatches on atelier.naff....

  12. hi ya!

    THANKS for that :nuts: not so confused anymore ;)
  13. are all the ink bags that distressed?