It's time! SPA WEEK!!

  1. Yay! Spa Week is almost here! :yahoo:

    For those of you not familiar, twice a year spas and salons around the country participate in what's known as "Spa Week". They offer a handful of their most popular services for only $50! :nuts:

    Spas in all the major US cities participate!
    For more info:
  2. I just booked a full facial at FRESH for tomorrow for only $50! :yahoo:
  3. Oh wow! I didn't know about this! Thanks so much for posting, now I have to see if I can squeeze in an appointment :graucho:
  4. Thanks for the reminder... I've almost forget it's on again :yes:
  5. And, from what the website said, my Fresh facial also includes $50 of products!!! :nuts:
  6. :wtf: I didn't KNOW about this! I need to book NOW!
  7. So cool! Yay I want to do this!
  8. awww. I'm sad. Canada is not included in this fabulous event!
  9. You got it for tomorrow? I thought it was supposed to be Apr 16-22? Does that mean that spas are doing it early??
  10. Wow! Thanks so much for the info! I'm going to call right away!
  11. Yes, some spas honor Spa Week prices for the entire month of April.
  12. you guys are so lucky. they only do it in Toronto for Canadians. sniff sniff
  13. does anyone know much about the Fresh "spa"s? i called the one in costa mesa, CA, they said they r not really a "spa", they just do facials.
    Im debating whether to do the Fresh espace facial or go to "skinhaven" in LA for facial. anyone have experienced either and have suggestions?
    thanks for posting th GREAT deal!
  14. Of course there are no spas in ALABAMA!!! I can't wait to MOVE!
  15. I wish I still lived in New York and New Jersey.