It's Time !! Multi Shoe Reveal... A Little Mix of Everything ... Are you READDDY?

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  1. Okay ready for a little bit of everything!? Some exotics, some strass, some spikes, and a simple classic shoe :woot:

    So I went on a little binge recently. Some of these are UHG's that I didn't even realize were UHG's until I got them haha...

    So the first, shoe I got a month or so ago, but I love them so much, they never had a proper reveal or were ever posted in my collection thread and I think they deserve one!!

    The second shoe, if you have seen my Collection Thread, then you know what it is. Funny story with this, I got them and instantly planned on selling them, even had them listed on ebay up until yesterday. I was only planning on selling them because I didn't think they fit!! Then thanks to a tip from a TPF'er I made them fit and LOVE THEM!!!

    The next is a much needed "simple" everyday shoe. Got these from a lovely TPF'er :heart:

    The next three just came in today and I am so freaking excited. I love love love love all three!!!

    Then I have one more exotic on the way but its not here yet :shucks:

    Now please bare with me while I upload the pictures..

    No mod pics yet :/ will take some when I have more energy to do so lol

    So who's here?!?!?!
  2. Here!!!!
  3. The first 2 will be quick

    LOVE this shoe so comfy.

    Nude Pik Pik Pik's
    IMG_2955.jpg IMG_2957.jpg IMG_2958.jpg
  4. Next.....

    LOVE this one. So sexy.
  5. Divinoche Platforms

    1/2 size down from TTS
    IMG_3010.jpg IMG_3011.jpg IMG_3013.jpg
  6. Love Love Love the Divinoche!!!
  7. Okay and Now, the simple shoe. Love it so classic.

    1/2 size up from TTS-- Could have gone 1 full size up from TTS
  8. Here! So glad you kept the Divinoche, I was hoping you would have!
  9. Camel Decollette's
    IMG_2982.jpg IMG_2981.jpg IMG_2984.jpg
  10. Ok I'm really curious to see the Pik Pik Pik's on, so when you get a chance I would love to see mod pics of those!

    And here! Spikes and strass and exotics, oh my!
  11. and now for the REALLY good stuff!!!!!!


    Ignore one of the boxes, it had the decollettes in it... There are three more :smile:
  12. EEEE boxes and boxes oh my!! keep going
  13. OMG...they are both gorgeous!!!!
  14. ..... disclaimer, I had to do this in a spare room on a really crappy old table. So please ignore the background hahaha i didnt want everyone in my house thinking i was crazy.
  15. This may give it away.....