It’s time for my first try…

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  1. I have decided to give my self a present when I turn 18 (March 16). That is a big deal when people turn 18 her in Dk. Thou I’m not doing anything on that day. I have decided that it’s time for my first bag with receipt and everything.
    I have almost given up on the Paddington since the only colours I can get is either dark or light grey. That is not I, so I found another one I think would work out for me in the same way.
    I’m so in love with this one that I think it’s worth giving it a shot.

    I do have a problem getting it thou. I do not own a credit card. I have always used paying cash at the bank and they would send it to the people I bought it from and they would send back to me. It’s to complicated with a card so let’s leave it at that, since this is the only time I’m gonad do this.
    Unless I know anyone in the USA or London any other place who knows where it can be bought and sent to me, and I send money back, then I’m kinda lost for a plan.
    Unfortunately, that is not a plan, which holds water with the money from different countries and all that, but that is the only plan I got.
    So, anyone got a better suggestion, beside from getting a credit card or maybe knows someone who would not mind doing this in the hard way (meaning not really getting anything out of it her/him-self)…

    I’m open to almost anything (beside the card.) :smile:

  2. Which bag did you find Ronja?

    Many places will accept wire transfer I believe, or a Cashier's check from your bank; or from any bank even if you don't have an account there. I would reccomend the Cashier's check as I know women have ordered from Chloe Bahrain and had to send Cashier's checks to the store to pay for their bag.
  3. Does your bank issue debit cards? Debit cards are used like credit cards except the funds are taken from your bank acct.
  4. I have never heard of that before. I guess I do not live in 2006.. :blink:

    Well, this is the bag:
    A Mulberry Araline leather bag. It says new season, so they still have it and I would like to make sure that I get one (or give it my best shot) this time before it says sold out.

    Anyone knows another place to get it without a use of a creditcard. Let´s say easy enough for me to go to the bank and do..

  5. Seriously I s* when it comes to the bank. I don´t know what that is... :weird:

  6. A debit card is like an ATM card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. It allows you to use purchase items without having to pay cash or write a check; but, like a check and cash that is withdrawn from an ATM machine the funds come directly from your bank account. This way you can not spend more than you have in your account.

    Do you have a checking account at a bank in Demark?
  7. Call or go into your bank and ask them do they issue debit cards. Its just like a credit card (offers the ease of buying online, in stores etc, and accepted just about everywhere). Most have the VISA/MASTERCARD symbol, like a VISA/MASTERCARD credit card so you would be able to buy your bag. Ask your banker to explain the benefits to you also. Good Luck!
  8. If you mean like having a card where some money is on and I can take some out when I want and put someone in when I want. A card like that I have...
    Is that the same think..? :weird:

  9. Sounds like you have an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) card.

    Does it have a VISA/MASTERCARD symbol on it?
  10. Hey Ranja,
    The bag that u wanted to buy is Araline right. I ve got in CHOCO color.The price was 425Euro. Ive seen the beige/white one in Paris. Its nice too for summer. I love the leather, soft nappa.
    Maybe you should contact Mulberry UK about your problems ok? Maybe you should also apply a credit card, its lots easier. U can just purchase thsi bag online from
  11. No, it dosem´t..

  12. OMG! I found one in purple, I found one in purple...Thank you so much for the link..

  13. Well, they only take some form of card. That does not do.
    I can´t get a card. It´s really not an option I have. Trust me, if I had that option, I would have one.. :weird:

    I guess I can´t get it then. Now that s*. We don´t have a Mulberry in Dk..


  14. Maybe a parent, grandparent or a friend will put it on their card if you give them the cash.
  15. Nope, they don´t have that either....That why I´m saying I really do not have that option.

    I just found out that I can get a Visa in April, but is that to late. I don´t think they will have it at that time. what´s that, 3 months..