It's time for my first damier bag... but i have some questions..

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  1. I have really started loving damier canvas in ebene and decided my next bag is going to be something from that line. Yay im already so exited about really getting one! :yahoo: but my problem is that i dont know which bag is the right for me. I want an everyday bag that i can also carry to school sometimes. I love berkeley and trevi, but are they good models for a daily-use bag? and im 17 and quite petite so i think trevi is bit too mature for me :sad: But what do you guys think? Is damier suitable for 17-years-old?

    Thanks in advantage, i really need your opinions :smile:
  2. I'll have to suggest either the Saleya MM or the Hampstead. Both are equally elegant and you may use them to school too; they hold a ton.
    The link above is Visual Aid of LV bag. Member post photo with their LV bag. If you have time you can browse through the photo to have an idea how the bag will look on you.

    My choice would be Azur Galleria or Azur Hampstead - both elegant, chic, and perfect fro everyday use including school. The first photo in the link above show a member with petite size carrying Galleria. Hope this help! ;)
  4. i am so like you! i am so loving damier! but dear, since your still studying....why not get neverfull in damier canvas? get mm=cute & stuffy. Or GM====will fit a lot of things. You will love it im sure.

    (i have mono neverfull mm & i'm happy w/ it.} P.s......also owns damier saleya pm,too.
  5. I totally think a 17 year-old can carry damier in ebene! The Trevi is adorable, go for what you love.
  6. For school use, Neverfull MM may be a practical choice. Saleya and Hampstead are great looking bags but they are relatively heavy.
  7. I'm not personally such a fan of the Trevi. My college age daughter has a Damier Speedy 25 and it's darling on her. I also like the Damier Papillon, in either size.
  8. Trevi is one of my favourite bags, so I would go for it
  9. Damier is great for everyone !

    And the trevi is one of my favourite shapes, I'd definitely do this one !
  10. Thanks for everyone! :flowers:

    Tokyolove - thanks for the link, it was good to see all the photos! I would love galliera but i'm afraid azur bag will get dirty very fast. Hampstead is a great bag, too! i def have to consider it :smile:
  11. I have the Saleya MM in azur, it's a great bag & would suit your needs! My fav ebene bag is my speedy but probably wouldn't suit your needs!
  12. I think the neverfull would be a great bag too!
  13. neverfull or seleya?
  14. I´m an 18 years old boy, using the Icare in damier always for school and stuff! I thing Damier is great, cause it´s more discreet than monogram! In Holland, not many people see the damier pattern as related to Louis Vuitton! So for me it´s really discreet! uhm..

    may be I can suggest you the Highbury, Griet, or Saleya! would be great for everyday use and school!
  15. and Chelsea... also a great and multi functional choise!