it's time for a STRIPTEASE...!!!

  1. as a lot of you might have noticed, i've been looking for this bag for QUITE awhile..!!! :p i mean like, i've only whinged about it in, say, less than 20 threads...? :whistle:

    Anyways, i bought this off fellow tPFer Hats on eBay... and it's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L....!!!!! :yahoo:this bag made me so happy...! on a meagre student budget i don't get to splurge unless i save and save and save... but i did :idea: manage to keep some aside for my dream bag... and along she came struttin'! :love:

    so... you know the drill..... ;) LADIES AND GENTLEMEN..... START YOUR ENGINES....!!!!!!!! start guessin'....!!!
  2. DSC01477sze.jpg
  3. O- you're evil. Open up~
  4. LOL! C'mon! You have to be quicker than this!
  5. Oh, this is just cruel. HURRY!

    [Also...are you sure you want to post the sender's full name/address online?]
  6. My thoughts exactly!

    I'm guessing something TWIGGY?
  7. oh... if someone could tell me how to blank it out...? :hrmm:
  8. i like to take it slow and easy....! :graucho:
  9. IS IT.....? :sneaky:
  10. lol it must be your cornflower twiggy.
  11. DSC01479sze.jpg
  12. you are such a tease!
  13. DSC01482sze.jpg
  14. I wonder what it could be.....
  15. c'mon u guys....!! u can do better than this...!!! :lecture:

    robotdoll: i'm gonna ignore that :p