it's the time again!

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  1. where i bore you senseless with words then pictures. b/c i'm a slicker for rules and really the public isn't suppose to see the spring line. yet.

    i can tell you now

    carly bags:

    (*) will come suede, so far colors chambray (light blue) and camel (light brown)

    (*) come in the leather colors and signature fabric you see at macy's and pilot stores.

    (*) pyton!!! limited edition of course.


    (*) you saw the gold trim? next year there will be white :smile:

    (*) there will also be a "tote" version with a front pocket featuring the infamous turnlock...and the side has the zipper pocket with the lace hanging off of it like the current duffle styles.

    gallery totes:

    (*) longer, bigger and better (IMO). think of the gallery tote for the polka dot collection, it's that size. it'll come in leather and signature, the basic colors. *here's hoping for patent versions*

    there will be a lilac in leather. gorgeous.

    so far that's the only style in lilac (book wise) but i'm sure they'll have the small flap and maybe a matching wallet *hopefully*

    they also have the "spring color"

    NEW styles

    well, not really new. anyone remembers the 8k05? the signature satchel? they have an updated version in pebble leather and signature (loved this style, glad it's back)

    there's also a new "bowling style" bag that is like that satchel, but bigger, and so far only in leather. it's also flatter.

    there's a new color for the leather that will also come in the small flap/large flap...i think coach was paying attention to the feedback we've been getting with the current pebble leather two tone (bordeaux and parchment) so now you have a black and white combo.

    the shoes are HOT

    signature stripe, there will be a shoulder tote version for those who hate the two straps on the current line...and they'll add new colors (4), khaki and white

    black and white combo which i'm sure SOME people have been hoping for...just a heads up this usually is a special editon color, not many are made, and it's only in stores for a limited time.

    along with, (blue is somewhat baby-ish type, punch is almost red but not quite..think a lighter version of magenta)

    speaking of's back in the pebble hobo style and this really cute carryall....the carryall has a nice twist to it - you gotta see.

    the pebble leather collection will also come in all white...

    NEW sunglasses...more then just one..i think three or four.

    large leather tote with short handles..reminds me of totes that artists carry but not as wide?

    there will be a hampton's stripe collection..this year's color is pink/redish..

    and it doesn't have suede along the stripes!

    also...this is what i'm drooling after...the andrea satchel

    shape looks so far like the legacy satchel front pockets..very simple and classy with a bit, just a little, studs to make it from plain to "ahhh" and there are dogleash closure on the is gold hardware...and the bag in the book is white...


    that's the end of my essay!
  2. i want it ALL and i want it NOW!

    i can't WAIT for that satchel! i've been wanting one like that, but i might just have to wait!

    and, god bless coach for more magenta! they must've listened to my griping about not being able to find my mia! hehe.

    when is the spring line out?!
  3. so far i think for sure the magenta will be out january, even after christmas since that's when we change floorsets.

    -________- some bags are only available after february.

    i forgot to mention the current satchel in legacy will come in the color a light blue but not quite..don't know how to describe but they call it pond.

    the white trim khaki in legacy is also available in feb. but you'll definitely see these bags in the new catalog....i'm guessing they may pass it out soon, which is why we have it now...or maybe i'm just stupid, since it is december..and we will change the floorset after christmas...yup..that's less then three weeks away

    time flies fast! :wtf:
  4. just knowing the magenta is coming back has me grinning like a freak. :smile:

    and i can't wait to see all the new stuff to spend my money on!!
  5. I think my fav part was "the shoes are HOT"

    I am REALLY excited!!!!!

  6. Mine too!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! :smile: When will the catalogs be out?
  7. Thanks! I am envisioning the Legacy Tote... Doesn't sound like I will like the new colors coming out (I am a black, brown, whiskey person)...
  8. When will the collection officially be in stores?
  9. thank you!!!

    i want everything!!!

    legacy tote (VERY EXCITED!!), sig stripe shoulder tote...i can't wait.
  10. Just out of wonder....2 years ago it was the polka dot and last year the poppy anything like that coming in Jan?
  11. Ohh I love hearing all the new stuff coming out beforehand. Thanks. Is the python carly all python or just the trim? If it's trimmed w/ python than I definately want it, hopefully it's not overly expensive. Do you know prices?
  12. Thanks, Ms-whitney! Since I'm new to Coach can I ask a newbie question? If I sign up for the catalog on the Coach site I'll receive the Spring one right? I would imagine the answer is yes and I'm off to do so but I just wondered! All the bags sound great and I really love the sound of the last one! Love that dogleash closure! Such a cool detail! :girlsigh: This is just too much fun for words! LOL!
  13. I've requested catalogs alot & haven't received one until like the 4th try. I think you would get the current catalog (if you get one at all) w/ all the bags & accessories they have in store now. Requesting catalogs from is the worst thing about Coach.
  14. I can't wait for pics!!!! I have always loved the satchels, so that is good news! Thanks for the update Ms-Whitney! You are awesome!
  15. "Just out of wonder....2 years ago it was the polka dot and last year the poppy anything like that coming in Jan?"

    if there is, so far the book doesn't show!

    "Ohh I love hearing all the new stuff coming out beforehand. Thanks. Is the python carly all python or just the trim? If it's trimmed w/ python than I definately want it, hopefully it's not overly expensive. Do you know prices?"

    the carly is allllllllll pyton. the handle, the body....and its listed as $4,000.

    the leather is 498 (style 10616 for those with PCE) and signature is 398 (10620) both sizes large.

    the signature in small is 348 (10619)

    suede large is 598 (10622)