It's the start to bad habit....

  1. So I did it, I made my first purchase. The sad thing is, I am already looking at other bags. There are so many to choose from and so many beautiful colors! What's a girl to do? I bought a 07 Ocean Twiggy from AR. They were so helpful and so nice!!! I am also new to posting pictures, so I hope this works! :smile:

    Picture08 007.jpg Picture08 004.jpg
  2. WOW...LOVE IT! CONGRATS on your very first BBag! It's a crazy obsession though!!!:graucho:
  3. Gorgeous bag. I'm afraid that once you buy your first Balenciaga, you will be so hooked. Trust me, I know! :smile:
  4. :drool:
  5. OMG!! Beautiful bag!:nuts: Is it the same as "Bleu"? AR has a "Bleu" but not an Ocean. Thanks!
  6. Gorgeous bag, and you take great pictures! Congratulations...BBags are like chips, you can't eat just one!:yahoo:
  7. What a naughty thought!

    Gorgeous bag!!!
  8. Beautiful bag!!! COngratgs on your first bbag, now your gonna want one in every color, lol

  9. lol soooo true!

    congrats............its gorgeous!!:drool:
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats! And yes, a bad but beautiful habit.
  11. oooooh pretty!!! Congrats on your 1st, but I bet not last BBag!
  12. Uh oh! LOL! Congrats, she's a beauty!
  13. True indeed!! Congrats on a beauty!
  14. Nice bag! I love the Twiggy as it's not as popular as some of the other styles. The leather looks GREAT too!!:tup:
  15. How CUTE~! Cute ocean twiggy. Congrats... to the start of the bBag Bug. ;)