its the old, i coulda shoulda woulda

  1. i knew i should have bought that Black Ali and Mandy at the outlet that fateful nite... instead i bought the white; damn it.... they are my fav bags anymore... eBay and i are going to become very close now...
  2. Right there with ya! :lol:
  3. i just read your post, i am so pissed at myself.... it was the last black mandy in the store that nite too.... damn it...
  4. oh man, do you not like white ali? I think she is soo beautiful!!!! :love: I hear ya' on the regrets though, I think we have all been there, done that at one point or another. :yes:
  5. oh no, i love her too.... i just wish i had bought all 4.... :yes: however, dh was there with me and probably would have killed me
  6. I hear ya on that too! ;)
  7. i am calling my outlet in the morning...
  8. Oh.. gotcha! :graucho:
  9. Thanks but because I think that even that is considered selling/buying, it's a no-no. But thanks for the thought :flowers:
  10. i just realized that, thanks for letting me know.... now i know for the future
  11. no problem. I think most of us make that mistake because we want to be nice to our fellow tPF-ers.