its the moment of truth, do i or don't i pick up the dentelle speedy?

  1. its 1520 with tax. that is a lot of money. how much will i really love this? in person i really like her. but i go home and see that my older speedy is already patina'd and i can beat on it anyway possible and it keep coming back to be stuffed with more.

    i would be a little, more than a little - a lot, cautious wtiht the dentelle. that stitching is beautiful, but possibly delicate. the bag is lovely, but can i really make sure i use it in place of my usual mono speedy? or will i do what i hate others doing and get afraid to take her out????????

    i love the epi speedy i got the other day. seriously, he is amazing. i am only worried about scratching him, nothing else. so i jsut put him down gently and love him to death.

    as stated, my mono 30 speedy just takes a licking. and keeps on ticking.

    all of a sudden, i am on the fence about this! i was so sure until it comes to now, time to fork over that kind of cash.

    any insight or advice? no "just do it" "or good lucks", please, just what you would think about being faced with that gorgeous and extremely expensive bag and how you would use it and treat it or just not buy it at all.

    i am on the fence! please! a word of advice?
  2. I think everyone knows my point of view on the dentelle I love it.
    I have used my purse for weeks now, I have been using it in my mono speedy 25 it has rubbed against the zip more than once but it never catches snags or frays . It looks as perfect as the day I got it.
    The embroidery is really tight to the canvas so I really don't think it's going to come loose it's not as fragile as people think it is.

    I know a lot of people feel that dentelle is a special occassion bag but I disagree you can wear it any time and it looks fab.

    It is a seasonal bag so one day soon it's going to be gone then your only option for it will be eBay and we all know the problems around that one

    those are my plus points so I say get it!!
  3. I would not buy it unless I obsessed over it for a while and I was completely sure I absolutely wanted it.

    But- some people say "buy now, question later" I just can't picture myself doing that with a bag I have second thoughts about. I'd rather admire others' with the constant reminder that "there will always be a new LV TDF"- it just takes patience.
  4. I am really not a fan of this line. I would not buy it for $1500. this line is just tooo busy, looks cheap in my opinion. sorry...
  5. But- two things positive about the Dentelle Speedy

    1- no vachetta to worry about
    2- it's a Speedy (but you can get a brand new one for over half the price)
  6. ITA! I have been using my Dentelle Ludlow and it does not need extra care. I thought I would need to be really careful but so far so good!
  7. I think you should see it in real life before passing on it. You're lucky to be on the wait list this long. Give it chance. You'll know if it's right or not once you're holding it. As for being delicate... I think not, dentelle is the word for manufacturing book bindings. One should think this would be durable. Plus you might like the Nomade leather trim would be easier to care for than naked vachetta. Good luck on your decison. We're all behind you!:flowers:
  8. :yes: . I've taken my Fersen out a lot. I have a 5 month old that I'm dealing with. When I use it as a messenger, I try to keep it towards my back when I'm leaning forward to deal with him. But it always swings forward, rubs on my clothes and bumps his stroller. It still looks fab. I have yet to see an issue with the stitching. I'm really leaning towards trying to get a speedy one now too:sneaky:

  9. i saw it irl in lv yestrday. it looks really fragile, but i must say that in real life its GORGEOUS!!!!
  10. I would say get it and you can always return it if you decide to. At first I didn't like the dentelle line but the more I see it the more I like it.
  11. NO Get a nice Epi Leather Speedy in Ivory:drool:
  12. I love the Dentelle speedy and have seen it IRL. Unfortunately my DH absolutely hates it and I mean he hates it, he doesn't like the lace ... he calls it too 'old lady' looking. Of course, it didn't help that on the day I drag him to LV to look at it IRL ... at the counter, the SA was showing an elderly woman (probably in her sixties) the Dentelle speedy. DH, of course, gives me that look meaning 'I told you so!'

    I think if you keep obsessing about it then you must really love the bag. Just keep thinking about it ... if it keeps staying in the back of your mind, then get it!
  13. I will only get mono if its a special edition and has something else on it, like the dentelle or speedy, and I love this speedy its gorgeous. Its the only bag I like from the line. I say go for it!
  14. Ok, I saw it yesterday and I have to say...I changed my mind. I do like it!:yes: It's pretty, and no vachetta to worry about...but when it comes down to's another brown bag. ( I know that sounds harsh...and don't really mean it to) For me, I would wear that bag with the same things that I would wear a mono or damier. So if you have either of those, maybe you don't need another brown bag....maybe you need Ivory or Red? Although it is a little more delicate looking, so it might look better with girlier things...dresses, etc. It's definitely not a bag you'd have to worry about tho. Very sturdy. I'm sure you could bang it around a bit and it would be fine. Hard decision...It's a tough call.
  15. :yes: :yes: :yes: I totally agree, exactly my thoughts!!