It's the MBMJ bag in the MIA ad!

  1. OMG OMG OMG. I just saw the bag in the MIA ad. The shiny, yellow clutch (as everyone assumed) looked like a large shoulder bag with a really short strap. That's why you can use it as a huge clutch. I'm positive this is the one, they sold out on the yellow one (already!) so I could only take a photo of the black one.

    To have an idea of the yellow color, I took a photo of the yellow messenger turnlock as well. Pretty.

    I want the yellow one so bad. And it's only $298!



  2. Where is this, if I may ask? That's upsetting that its sold out. :sad:

    ETA: Would you happen to know the exact style name? TIA!
  3. At my local Nordies. The SA gave me a list of those that carry the yellow one, would you be interested? It lists just store numbers only though. says here: Style: Posh Turnlock Conver- I'm assuming that's just short for 'convertible', color: Sun.
  4. wow 298 is pretty good!
  5. If you get the sku number or item number from Nordies, you can call customer service and have them do a search. That is a really cute bag. I love the yellow. Black is nice, too.
  6. Wow, the handle makes it look so much more different than the "clutch" we all thought it was. Different, but still very nice!
  7. i love the style and i love the color, but i'm disappointed that strap is there. it would've looked much cuter if it were a clutch. they should've made the shoulder strap detachable. oh well. i'm still holding out for that midnight quinn! thanks for the pics.
  8. Yeah, if you can PM me the info or list it here that would be great! :yes: Or if you know the SKU that would be all the better. Thanks, again for sharing! :flowers:
  9. Cute!!
  10. Nvm, I called up the MbyMJ store and the style number is M381030.
  11. Oh right you got it! It took me awhile to get back here. Will wait for another yellow one.

    Although I kind of agree with tadpole, it would've been better with a detachable strap... For a clutch it is huge.
  12. Did the Nordies that you went to said they would be getting more stock? Just curious. I called up the nearest Nordies and they had no clue what I was talking about.
  13. I asked, she said she didn't know. The black one on display apparently is the last one. The list she gave me, seems like all the stores that got it only have one in I'm guessing they''ll be receiving more(?). It's only the start of the season anyway...that's what I'm thinking...
  14. Geez, they must have either sent in really limited stock or the bag has been flying off the shelves. I hope its the former not the later as I'd like to get my hands on one from Nordies.
  15. I would have to see it in person to really judge it, but I agree with would have been nice if they had the strap detachable. The yellow looks very pretty though:heart: