Its the little things....

  1. Kind of a random story but...

    i have really been wanting a lv agenda but was so unsure if i would use it so i am doing like a trial run with a filofax and if i use it consistently for a month or so i will let myself buy the LV one...but anyway...the other day i was in class and i was giving one of my classmates my number and when she pulled out her red epi LV agenda i just about died saing how much i loved it etc etc...

    ...then the sweetheart gave me all her LV sticker sheets!! I was so excited they fit in the filofax im using and now everytime i open up my little agenda i see thos stickers and it reminds me of the lv agenda i will someday have. I just had to share...cause it made me so happy.

    :heart: :heart: see its the little things :nuts:
  2. That was really sweet of your friend to give you the LV stickers! Glad that made you happy...a lot of the time it's the small things that perk up your day!

    I think you should definitely get the agenda. I used to think that I might not really use the agenda and then to pay that much money for an agenda is just insane. Now that I do have an agenda, I love it so much and pull it out all the time...sometimes just to admire it.
  3. awwwww congrats! she's a very nice girl! sweet
  4. awww!!! Thats sooo sweeet, some ppl just never cease to amaze me, even with all the crud in this world! I hope u get your agenda!!!! Which one were u thinking of getting?
  5. What a nice happy story; thanks for sharing! :smile: I hope you get the LV agenda soon.
  6. What a nice girl! The stickers are so cute!
  7. Awww, that;s so sweet of her!
  8. how sweeeeet :love:
  9. That's sweet. I am also thinking about an agenda since I see that a lot of us use them as wallets........
  10. That was aweful sweet of her :shame:

    To be honest, I'm not sure whether I would give my stickers away I just love them too much :angel:
  11. Aww.. that's so sweet of her. You should definitely get an agenda - I've been thinking about getting one too, for a very long time actually !
  12. how sweet:heart: wish you'll be able to buy yourself onr very soon:biggrin:
  13. very sweet of her...
  14. Sweet story. Something like this warms up my heart all day !!! Thanks for sharing.
  15. so sweet :smile: