It's the last day of free shipping on elux

  1. Anyone making purchases today? I'm tempted, especially with the pending price increase.....
  2. gosh, i am soo tempted too! especially w/the price increase comming up in april?
  3. ^Ditto
  4. Deleted Wrong info!! Sorries!
  5. I'm new so I'm sorry if this has been already answered a billion times but is there a difference price wise in tax when purchasing off elux or in a boutique. I live in California so I was wondering if there's any difference in tax or is it the same?
  6. Im from Ca and its the same as buying from the boutique when elux has free shipping. When you need to pay for shipping, its cheaper to buy in stores.
  7. I've been watching Elux for days hoping the Damier Azur 4-key holder would come back. It finally did today just in time!!! YAY!!! Free shipping and no sales tax. Can't get any better than that!:yes:
  8. Congrats luvpurses24, just in time! I'm going back to elux to browse some more, still can't decide!
  9. Hello from another Westie lover! I've been browsing all day and am so tempted to buy the Epi Alma.

  10. Thanks!! I was so tempted to get the small ring agenda in Azur too but I passed. Not surprisingly, it's gone already. I think I'll hold out for a Pomme one. :smile:
  11. They extended the free ship to April 2nd.
  12. ^^Woo Hoo! Thanks for letting us know!
  13. Good news!
  14. oh yay! I :heart: free shipping!