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  1. I've broken out the chilled bottle of chardonnay and am ready to burn up the ol' keyboard. (I get chatty when I imbibe). So put on your seat belts ladies (and Vlad). Who wants to join me?
  2. Oh dear...another of THOSE nights, is it? :lol: Have to go buy fireworks with my son then I'll be back to join you! It's a Sangria night for me...
  3. I wish... I am sick :shame: But I am pretty sure you will keep us all amused!!! :roflmfao:
  4. I started early so I can end early. Gotta work tomorrow....gonna try not to get too crazy.
  5. Me! I am on my second glass of pinot grigio, and we're going to the liquor store later to pick up tequila, whiskey and Goldschalger - we have friends coming over tonight :graucho:
  6. ^^^Tequila? (And my mouth starts to water....) Love it!!
  7. uh oh. you must check in every now and then....
  8. Just the one bottle of lager tonight then i'm off to's 12:30 am here...well past my bedtime!:graucho:

    Have fun y'all!!! (I'm sure you'll leave us UK'ers plenty to read in the morning....;))
    Hope you feel better soon megs!:love:
  9. That's my hard liquor of choice. With salt and limes, of course :graucho:

    bagnshoo - Of course! Between games of shotglass checkers (uh-oh).
  10. Oh no!!!! My husband's home so I'm going to be hanging w/ him...He got jealous when I was on the computer the other nite instead of valuing the time we had together. F*ck it! I can't believe I missed the Kyliereese debacle and now this.
  11. I think its time to put hubby online. all he needs is to get to know know us is to love us!:rolleyes:
  12. I'm sipping on a glass of port.. but don't get too excited.. won't be getting sloshed with you alkies!! :amuse:

  13. I have to be good too. Like that Bjork song goes, "moderately happy..."
  14. Okay, our liquor cabinet is stocked. Just got back from the liquor store with tequila, coconut rum, regular light rum and whiskey. I'll be sticking to one, to avoid making a run for the toilet later on tonight :shame:
  15. yum, coconut rum with cranberry juice....too bad all I have is a diet dr. pepper :cry:

    At least I have a sleeping baby and a hubby who is working late, so I can play online for awhile.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.