It's that time again


Which wallet

  1. Suhali PTI

  2. Suhali Compact Zippe

  3. Mono Alexandra

  4. other

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  1. Time for a new walet!!!

    Here's my problem, do i want the practical mono alexandra, or do i fnally get my dream wallet either suhali PTI or compact... or any others??

    my collection is below if you want to see what i have
  2. I'd say get your dream wallet ... because if you get something other than that, then you'll still always want what you've always wanted anyway.
  3. agreed.
  4. Suhali Compact Zippe.
  5. Go for the dream wallet!
  6. SU-HA-LI! :girlsigh:
  7. I say go for practical if you really like that as well. Wallets really should be practical first.. ;)
  8. Compact Zip Suhali or Suhali Zippy wallet.
  9. my opinion is biased, because I want the Mono Alexandra myself !!!!!:p
  10. I say go for the dream wallet! You obviousley really want it, so get it! ;)
  11. dream wallet for sure!
  12. I would say dream wallet, but I too like the Alexandra I'm hoping they release it in diff styles.
  13. get your dream wallet! :smile:
  14. Suhali CZ.
  15. Mono Alexandra!!