It's that time again!

  1. What are you registering for this semester?

    I'm doing all my statistics and media relations courses!
  2. Unfortunately too many networking classes, but here is the list so far unless I change my mind.

    IFSM201 Semester 0709 -Information Systems Management

    CMIT265 Semester 0709-Networking Essentials

    CMIS102 Semester 0709-Discrete Mathematics
    ANTH102 Semester 0709-Cultural Anthropology
  3. I'm going back to school this semster to pursue a second degree...and I'm taking two classes.

    A math course and chemistry course to start with!
  4. Freshwater Fishing (LOL)
    And some CJS class, havent decided yet.
  5. Approaches to Literature....most difficult class in the English department :sad:

    In addition:

    History up until 871
    Native American History
    Witchcraft, lol, I had to have a course in Anthropology over 300, and that was the only thing left! It should be interesting :yes:

    And I'm auditing a Authorian Lit course
  6. i dont go back to university until october but i just got my semester 1 timetable.
    im taking-
    contemporary modern art in north east england
    visual culture-the art worlds role in advertising
    contemporary art practice (management and production)
    and work experience at a local museum.
  7. I registered back in May for Fall term, taking:

    English History 1066 to 1660
    Natural Science Inquiry (bleh)

    Those are to meet my general education requirements, have most of my major classes finished.
  8. i'm taking race and gender in media, studies in comparative lit, microeconomics, and intermediate spanish. boring semester!

    last semester was advanced magazine writing, literature in cinema, detective fiction, and intro to telecommunications. it was a fun semester.
  9. I am starting off with a Spanish course and History :smile:)
  10. I am taking all grad classes of course:

    Socioemotional Development II (adolescence/adulthood)
    Hierarchical Linear Modeling (stats class)
    Biosocial Perspectives on Developmental Disabilities

    I am also teaching 2 section of Introductory Psychology!
  11. MPH Grad Program:

    Intro to Biostats
    Intro to Epidemiology
    Health Care in the US
    Economic and Social Factors in Public Health
  12. Classes actually start at the end of next month :push:. Still in undergrad

    Physics 2, Differntial Equations, Materials Eng., Thermodynamics, Linear Algebra.. I think thats it???? This is what I get for taking basically all my gen. courses first.
  13. I've been out of school for 8yrs (and finished my MA 4 years ago) and I really miss school....I can't wait til I can go back again.

    good luck to all the students and be sure to enjoy it because it goes by quickly
  14. I'm starting my first year of graduate school next month. But we don't get to choose our courses until ~2 weeks before school starts >___< I'll probably be taking classes in 2nd and child language acquisition, and syntax. (This semester is probably going to be a repeat of the stuff I learned in undergrad classes)
  15. NOTHING! For the first time in a few years I am blissfully without classes. Good luck to those of you starting class :smile: