It's that time again.....WISHLISTS!!!

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  1. Well, since we've begun a new year and all of the recent puchases on the board may have caused some of us to change our minds (or, um, add a few more beauties to our collections,) let's list the bags we'd love to buy in the next few years. If you're like me and can't always buy H bags and have to space them out a little, I like making a list and planning out my next purchases so that I make wise decisions.

    Greentea's Wishlist
    Bolide 31cm in either Chocolate or Gold Clemence, palladium
    Kelly 32cm retourne black Box, gold or palladium
    Kelly 28cm or Bolide 31cm in Vert Anis chevre, palladium
    Black or Rouge H box Medor clutch OR Kelly Elan with palladium

    Icing on the cake bags:
    Black Chevre Birkin 30, gold or pall
    Blue Jean or Vert Anis Clemence Picotin mm
    Barenia-Toile Kelly 32cm, sellier, gold HW

    Ultimate Dream Bag:
    Miel 28cm sellier croc Kelly
  2. I reserve the right to change this list in the next minute!

    As of right now:
    Orchids' wishlist
    30cm Marron Fonce Birkin in Fjord w/PH
    32cm or 28cm Black Sellier Kelly in Vache Liagee w/Guilloche

    Icing on the cake:
    37cm Ebene/Chartreuse/Rouge VIF in Togo, Clemence or Fjord Bolide
    30cm Black Birkin in Fjord or Chevre de Coromandel w/PH

    28cm Rouge VIF, Miel or Black Croc Porosus Sellier Kelly w/PH
    30cm Vert Fonce or Cocoan Croc Porosus Birkin w/PH
  3. some day i would like to have a 31 fjord bolide. my first choice would be indigo with gh. my second choice would be black with gh. my third choice would be raisin (not sure of hardware).

    the hardware isn't crucial though, if i could just get it in fjord 31 in one of those colors...
  4. You must've read my mind! I was just thinking about this last night...

    Fopduck's wishlist
    Black Box Kelly Elan
    28cm or 32cm Black Box Sellier Kelly with PH
    GM Masai - still contemplating color/leather

    Icing on the cake:
    30cm Black Birkin in Box or Chevre with PH/ruthenium
    Barenia Trim II

    28cm Miel Sellier Croc Kelly with GH
  5. Grands Fonds' wishlist
    Caramel Chevre 28 Kelly with gold H/W
    Chocolate/Orange Togo 35 Birkin, pall H/W
    JPG Kelly clutch in white/black, pall H/W
    Toile/White 35 Birkin, pall H/W

    Icing on the cake:
    30cm Rouge H chevre Birkin with Pall.
    JPG Kelly clutch in Barenia Matte Croc

    28cm Beige-Rose Porosus Croc Kelly, h/w undecided.
  6. My wish list:

    1. Bolide in clemence, don't know what color, I think potiron, gold, or ebene
    2. Black box bolide
    3. Massai GM in Rouge H or potiron
    4. Trim II in Brique or maybe black or noisette
    5. Evelyne TGM
    6. TBD with further acquisition threads on tPF. (the more I see, the more I want!)
  7. My wish list (at this very moment...of course subject to change):

    31 Black Box Bolide w/ PH
    35 Black Box Birkin w/ GHW
    Trim II Barenia
    28cm Black Box Kelly GHW (vintage)
    31 Rough H Box Bolide w/ gold HW

    and....Many more scarves, ano cuff bracelet, another clic clac
  8. Oh nice one....

    1.....tgm evelynne in vert anis
    2.....fushia croc 35 birkin
    3.....tgm boucle de sellier bracelet party in lge size in canvas and blk leather
    5..... and any thing esle i may have forgotten:yes:
  9. nice choices, fop.
  10. Well let me see. I am dying for a red H bag but if we want specific.
    1. Birkin 35 in Fjord, Chevere,Epson or togo (any very durable leather) Vermillion with PH
    2. Birkin 35 or 40 in Vert Anis
    3. Kelly 35, have not decided color
    4. HAC 32 in Chocolate
    5. JPG Birkin, anything will do
  11. PBC's wishlist:

    -30cm rouge H togo GH birkin
    -30cm vert anis togo GH birkin
    -30cm black togo GH birkin
    -30cm potiron togo GH birkin

    icing on cake
    -32cm fuschia ostrich PH sellier kelly
    -28cm rouge H/VIF/braise croc GH kelly
    -28cm black croc GH kelly
    -toile BJ evelyne (like helen lee shifter's)
    -black box GH constance

    -30cm rouge H croc GH/PH birkin
    -30cm black croc GH birkin
    -30cm vert anis croc GH birkin

    *we're in the process of building a new house and hopefully starting a family too, so i'll be lucky if i can get away with acquiring a couple cheaper items this year!!! LOL
  12. Well, I have yet to aquire a bag from Hermes, but I would LOVE:

    1. A 28cm Sellier Black Box Kelly PH
    2. A 30cm Gold Togo Birkin GH
    3. A 31cm Vert Anis Clemence(?) Bolide PH
    4. A 30cm Rouge H Fjord(?) Birkin GH
    5. A 30 cm Black Box Birkin RH

    I would be so happy with any of these bags....I wish I lived closer to an H store!
  13. My Wishlist..

    28cm/32cm Rouge VIF Hermes Kelly Courcheval Leather Gold Hardware (Vintage)
    28cm/32cm Black Box Calf Kelly
    Hermes Pegasus Cadena (silver or gold)

    New 2007 Cadena (maybe..need to see pictures first)!!

    Still can't decide wheter 28 or 32 looks better on me..what do you think SoCal, Rose, Pelinka, Kou? :smile: You guys saw me IRL.
  14. Amour's WISHLIST (MUST HAVE):

    1. Marron Fonce TOGO or Clemence w/ GH 35cm
    2. Gold TOGO or Clemence w/ PH 30cm or 35cm

    3. 30/35cm Blue Jean w/TOGO or Clemence PH
    4. 35cm Chartreuse w/ PH

    5. GPT

    Dream Bags:

    30cm Bleu Roi Croc Birkin
    32cm Honey Miel Croc Kelly
  15. Crochetbella's Wishlist:

    Must Have (someday)
    Garden Party PM in black
    Black Chevre (or another stiff leather) 31cm Bolide with PH :love:
    JPG Kelly clutch -black evergrain with PH

    icing on the cake:
    Rouge H Kelly
    Trim in Red or Potiron
    Cognac w/gold hw 30cm Birkin

    Dream bag: any of the above! :tender: