It's That Time Again...Tanger Outlet Breast Cancer Awarness!!!

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  1. I was at my local outlet today and I was told the BCA coupon will start early!!! It was suppose to start on the 20th but it will begin this Wednesday the 15th!!! My SA hadn't heard how much the coupon will be for this year, but I'm thinking it will be 25% off again. Has anyone else heard anything?
  2. So glad it'll starting early again this year!
    The closest Tanger outlet center from me is about 3 hrs. away (Rehoboth Beach, DE) but I'll be going to the beach for a long weekend on Friday, so will have to stop by the Coach factory store there to check it out!
  3. oooohhh thanks for sharing! i will have to find out where one is by me.
  4. Thanks for the information. I was thinking it and thinking it should be coming up soon, but I didn't think it would be this soon. My outlet is about 40 minutes away so I'm goinhg to try to stop in on Wednesday or Thursday.
  5. Oh Ca you are so lucky. I just got home from a week in oc and had to stop by rehoboth coach twice. That store is alot nicer than my closets. I love it.Have fun I hope you find great deals.
  6. The coupon will cost $1 and will be for 25% off of one item, but I'm pretty sure you can purchase multiple coupons. I believe the sale runs from 9/15 - 10/25.
  7. Is it just a coupon, or are there things in pink there?
    I won't be able to go...the only Tanger I know of is in Myrtle Beach, if this is happening at different locations. LOL.
  8. There's a Tanger outlet about 2 hours away from me in Wisconsin Dells, so it should be happening at all of their locations. I believe the details are on Tanger's website.
  9. Yeah, the only Sonic close to DE is the one outside of Bridgeport...
  10. ^^^i always stop at sonic too i love going to lancaster and sonic. if i have extra time when i go to lancaster too theres a place in lancaster city called rachels cafe and creperie and their food is really good.
  11. ^yeah, I always hit the Sbux on the way in before I turn left into the parking lot in the back route in... :smile:
  12. I think I ate there a few times while I was going to Lancaster General College. Their food was wonderful!!