Its that time again....and need your input!!!

  1. Hi guys!!!! :woohoo:

    Its been a while since I started a thread.....just havent been liking anything of late. But since my DH wants to be nice enought to offer....Im gracious enough to

    This will be my last bag....Ive decided to collect LV shoes from here on out, I have enough bags.....and am neglecting some as it is.

    I feel perplexed though......I really dont have any bag I really truely like, especailly because I only like the Damier pattern.....Not even the Trivoli.....

    So the only ones to consider for the purpose of color is the Azur Noe, although I already have it in Damier, a white bag would be a nice addition and the the noe is a great jeans and t-shirt bag (which is how I am all the time), not to mention that it looks fab in the azur.

    Then for the sake of something different is the Damier Mussette. Its versatile and cute...

    So give me your input.....Im totally stuck!!!!!!!!! :hysteric:
  2. i prefer azur noe vs damier mussett :smile:. for musette i like the smaller musette salsa long strap more.

    p.s u have a damier ebony noe? wow is it possible for u to post a pic of it? i :heart: noe and have been thinking in my head how gorgeous it looks :drool:
  3. The azur noe is a great summer bag! And you can wear it when it's colder too with black/grey/beige.
  4. The Azur Noe is great. Or an Azur speedy
  5. azur speedy would be adorable! great bag for the summer.
  6. azur noe! i have the mono noe and i love it.

  7. So sorry for the late post.....:shame:

    Here is the pic of the Ebony took 4 months for this special order but its one of my favorites!!!!

    The smaller musette is too small for me....I love large bags and need alot of room.
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] it is....

  9. Exactly!!! I see alot of ladies with the Azur and it is just so fresh and clean looking......I wish they also made the Musette in the Azur....that would be

    Im still going in circles....and the speedy I already have in the Eboney and dont needs another one...I have the Alma and two hand held bag is all I need....this is so hard....but it really shouldnt be....:s
  10. I would go with the Azur Noe! And I LOVE that damier noe!

  11. Hey... what LV is that? It looks the Saks counter in Indianpolis

  12. Oh, the first pic was taken before the Trivoli was out, I had to take a quick pic for the forum before the SA found out....this was a while was at the LV in CA...Beverly Center.

    The 2nd and 3rd pic is the special order Damier noe...