It's tax season! What will you be getting with your tax refund?

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  1. I love tax season because I always get a refund!:yahoo:
    I've posted another thread debating on getting vernis alma pm in amarante or azur stresa pm. I'd like to get a wallet too.. maybe amarante(or if I can still find rose pop) sarah or zippy?

    What will you get with your tax refund?
  2. Maybe something small... Not sure how much of a refund I'll be getting yet... Or maybe a Damier Speedy 35... We'll see! LOL
  3. Good question! An azur speedy 30 is on my list, but I also really love a few of the LV bracelets - celeste and charm it in particular. I guess it all depends on how generous Uncle Sam decides to be. :smile:
  4. I'm definitely planning on getting my first LV. Probably will spend in the 1k range. Any suggestions for newbie?
  5. hahah i'm gonna pretend for a second that i have tax returns lol. i wanna get..azur eva? =)
  6. I plan on treating myself with my tax return on my veryyyyy 1st LV bag. I am loving the Speedy Azure 25 over the ebene. I think the Azure is a all season bag. Is there a big difference in the 25 and 30?
  7. ^good choice! azur is beautiful! i think 30 is the perfect size. 25 is a bit too small, imo.
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    I doubt I'm gonna get anything but if I do maybe a small wallet or a sexy pair of CLs.
  9. I agree with lovebeibei, the 25 is a bit small. Go with the 30
  10. jlbanks-What do you have in your current collection? Do you like big bags or small bags?
  11. i highly doubt im gonna get a refund.. but if i happen to, its gonna go towards my trip to Cuba :yes:

  12. Speedies are staple pieces, but you can always get something else... Maybe a Tivoli?
  13. I'm going on a cruise!
  14. If I get a refund I plan on getting the eva. If it was large--yea right I would go for the Palermo GM or Tivoli GM

  15. Uuu... get the Vernis Alma PM :drool:
    I'm probably going to get the Ebene Speedy 30 & heat stamp luggage tag OR Azur NF MM & Pink Denim Bandeau. My refund won't eevn cover half the expenses but that's ok, lol.