It's taken me 2 years, but here I am! 10,000th post! :D

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  1. I've been waiting a long time to get to this, and now I'm finally here...10,000 posts on tPF! Woohoo! :nuts:

    I joined a little over 2 years ago looking to chat with some other girls about bags and stuff and I came to love this forum. I've shared a lot about my life here on tPF (maybe too much since I had to change my username from lamiastella to what it is now because of a crazy exbf, lol) and I can't imagine my life without tPF. That may sound pathetic to some of you, but I think others know what I mean. I come here to chill out and to relax at the end of the day ;)

    Either way, I love this place and thanks to Vlad and Megs for keeping up the good work! :tup:

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAY. Congrats MEL!
  3. Wow.. only 2 years. Thats quite an accomplisment.

    I will be lucky to hit 1,000 in a year. LOL

    Which would be 2,000 in 2 years. :smile:

  4. Yaay! Thanks guys :biggrin:
  5. thats awesome!! I wonder how long it will take me to reach that mark

    I wish I had $20 for every post I have ever made. (see my post count)
  6. YAY mel congrats :biggrin:
  7. Great job, Mel!!!
  8. Wow, congrats! I've been here almost 2 years, and I'm not even close to 10,000 posts! :lol: That is quite an accomplishment.
  9. CONRATS! I can't wait until I hit 10,000 too! Two years seems about right though.
  10. Wow. Congrats for spending so much time on the computer. Kidding. I will be there one day.
  11. Congrats, Melanie!!! :hugs: I have enjoyed getting to know you better.
  12. Wooohoooo! Congrats girl!:yahoo:

    I've always enjoyed your posts.
  13. Yay! Congratulations :biggrin:

    I'm nearing 1k, which feels like a lot considering I registered in April ><
  14. Congrats! :drinkup: here's to many more :smile:
  15. wow!!! Now that's dedication!!! Congrats!