Its Sunday and I AM A SINNER!

  1. Collonil doesn't count!
  2. Well you certainly are a Sunday Sinner :nuts:
  3. oh a live one:popcorn:
  4. This is so exciting! I went to Bicester yesterday and came home with nowt :sad: Am going again in 3 weeks though!!
  5. Large Mabel was a jaw dropping bargain mitzy has a little fault but I can love her anyway!
    35.JPG 36.JPG 37.JPG
  6. Ooooh lovely mabel & mitzy, congrats,they are gorgeous!! :biggrin:
  7. Wow both stunning! Modelling shots please!
  8. Congrats! These are really beautiful bags!! But there's more isn't there :p
  9. Lovely! V jealous of Mabel x
  10. WOW Ondrea - these are gorgeous - well done!
  11. How about more than one collinol?
  12. Whow, lovely bags!
  13. Fabulous colour contrast! Is that lipstick?
  14. oh lovely a mabel and mitzy what a great day for you. congrats
  15. Mrs Miff if you like mabel it might be worth you ringing them it took two weeks and a lot of calls but i finally got her!