It's still there!

  1. And Twinkle.Tink was's gorgeous!

    I am of course speaking of the Bronze Vernis Bucket. :drool:

    Someone needs to get it! :graucho:

    It's at Valley Fair.

    Go forth and shop!
  2. Mickloisme needs to get this one.:graucho:
  3. What did you get, Krispin?
  4. Michelle....were are you ;) it's calling you.
  5. One of you TPF'ers need to get this bag!!!
  6. BUSTED! LOL! I came home with this:

  7. I'd get it if I wasn't saving for Birkin in NYC in Feb (God willing)
  8. I called about it orignally and for some reason was given the wrong info. I would love this bag. Bronze vernis is so pretty and I'm sure it would be gorgeous on a bucket.

    I called again about it and was told its avaialble but that it had already a little patinad b-cuz its on display. :push:
  9. Gah I think I might go drool over it on Sunday just 'cause ;)