It's starting...

  1. So last week I bought my very first Tokidoki off of eBay -- A Spiaggia Bambinone. Since then, I have been glued to eBay, trying to decide what I want.

    Yesterday I caved and bought a 2nd generation OP Bambino. Now I'm bidding on a Pirata Portetelefono.

    So... I can expect this madness to last awhile, can't I?

    I really want a Pirata Stellina, but I only want to have one of each print. If a Citta Rosa Stellina shows up, I will probably be all over that!

    Now, the waiting game continues!
  2. Welcome to the addiction! :smile:
  3. Sob. Im unemployed at the moment and so I'm constantly checking my bank account to see how much I have. I have 1300 left so I am planning on bidding on the CR Stellina that's up on eBay.
  4. Sorry to hear about the unemployment but it'll get better and in no'll be just like everyone else in obtaining all the toki prints/bags that you want. So have faith! :flowers:
  5. welcome! i have a few in each print and just decided that i too want something in EVERY print. I am going o do my best to not spent too much as i want to be able to use my collection.

    god luck and pleae post pics!

  6. :huh:o ur in trouble. actually we all are LOL. tokidoki is just too addicting >_<!

    yes...tokidoki is most definitely an addiction! :greengrin:
    I've always loved bags, and been collecting Coach, D&B, LV and Gucci
    over the years, but NEVER have I EVER obssesed over bags like I do with

    I sometime think it's because we know the collection is ending so we sense a feeling of urgency to get um all because we will never be able to...

    I really need to STOP and cut back on buying and think about selling some off to get ready for Trasporto and Vacanze!
  8. ha ha ha you sound like me :yes: My first eBay toki was a kyoot foresta bocce~ It was all downhill from there :p About 99.9% of all my tokis came from eBay!!
  9. my tokidoki addiction has just begun as well...
    in august it started with a pirata zucca (which i had been looking for EVERYWHERE) and it was the first time i heard about SH so i was like hm... 25% off...
    and i ordered a paradiso bella that day too.

    then i bought an OP bella from LJ...

    and labor day i bought an AS zucca...

    i'm already planning out all the prints i want but i just started work again (i took a leave of absence to visit my dad for the summer, divorced parents blehh)
    and my first paycheck since working was $78!
    i'm so mad, but i didn't expect much more, i ended up working only 2 days that pay period haha...

    so another 2 weeks until i can buy more toki!
    how sad, i want everything now :c
  10. Welcome to the Addictokition vkitty! :nuts:
    btw what's a "2nd generation OP" :confused1:
  11. There were two issues of the OP print~ The 2nd Gen is the OP that just hit the outlets a few months ago as a reprint :yes:
  12. that's awesome! good luck on the portatelefono, i would love one of those but i keep losing the auctions, lol.
    i have a citta rosa stellina...but it's the only tokidoki bag i have and love it. =p
  13. Seriously Toki is really addicting!!! I have got many designer bags but nothing is as addicting as Tokis, the prints are mesmerizing... :yes:
  14. miss-

    I know the SH outlet has the 2nd gneration of the orig print in porta. i ordered one for my daughter and shiping is a flat rate of $8.50. i only ordered 3 small things and now wish i had ordered one or two more things to save on shipping.
    oh well, maybe i will place a 2nd order...