Its starting...and Im SCARED....

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  1. I have talked to you all about this several times, you have advised me, tried to educate me, and often times encourage me! lol (shocker) I always take it all in and walk away. I can no longer ignore my desire and need for this bag. You say, you can not just buy one. If you buy one, you will want 10...(or more, lol) as GOD as my witness I swear I only want ONE!!! I am way too much of a logo whore to stop my other addictions. we can debate that later...for now...please tell me once again...the proper vocabulary for my dream Birkin.
    40 cm...(I know that much) in tan...I would like the leather that does not scratch (Meg told me last night what it is called....I forgot) and palladium hardware. I have lots of friends on the look out for this bag, I would just like to know what the hell Im talking about as far as the details. Thank you ladies...xx
  2. Anyone?
  3. Don't be scared - it's the beginning of a happy lunacy :graucho:

    Tan - could it be gold?

    The leather that doesn't scratch - Togo or Clemence?

    Good Luck and I hope it arrives soon.
  4. Gold...that is it...and what is the diff between Togo or Clemence?
  5. Clemence is more slouchier!!! and togo holds up a bit better... I'm not sure about the heaviness... which leather is heavier?
  6. Clemence is a lot heavier than Togo, something to consider for a 40cm birkin. I think Togo deals with water a little better than Clemence as well. They are both grained leathers i.e. not smooth. You can find more info in the reference library.
  7. Might also be epsom leather, which is fairly rigid compared to togo and clemence. But epsom is embossed leather, if I'm not wrong.
  8. OOOH! A gold birkin!!! Awesome! That will be so for leathers...hmm....
    I know my dream bag (Lindy) I want in either togo or clemence, probably clemence because the Lindy is kind of a squishy bag - and in raisin. :smile:
    So it kind of depends on the attitude that you want your Birkin to take. Is she a sassy lady, a schoolmarm, a relaxed chick, or what?
  9. Well, Im not a mom, (want to be) lol..I like structured, but relaxed, (is there such a thing??)
  10. Good luck.....:heart:
  11. lol...thanks Merika!!
  12. Gold Togo 40cm Birkin w/PHW? That's hot! :sweatdrop: :drool:

  13. That is TOTALLY what I if anyone ANYWHERE knows where to send me...please advise!!! (good bye louis vuitton...for now...) Im off to
  14. Sunshine! WELCOME to the ORANGE side my friend!

    I have recently purchased a Kelly bag in each of the leathers you are describing. I have pics to share with you on the difference..

    The Blue Jean Kelly 28 is Togo leather, it is lighter than clemence but a bit more structured~ it stands straight up. No slouch at all. This leather I feel is more scratch resistant than clemence.
    The Noir Kelly 32 is Clemence leather, it is heavier than togo, more softer to the touch and a little more slouchy. In one picture you can see this bag leaning to the right some, that is because of the slouchiness.

    I hope these help...Gold Birkin in either of these leathers would be gorgeous. I am leaning more toward the clemence just because it feels sooo good to the touch:girlsigh:
    Nov2007 005.jpg Nov2007 006.jpg Nov2007 003.jpg Nov2007 002.jpg Nov2007 018.jpg
  15. Good luck finding one Sunshine. Gold is a great all around color!