It's SPRINGtime! Looking for White, White, White!

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  1. Hi ladies~

    Has anyone seen any White Medallion or Diamond Stitch totes around? I am looking for a white bag with silver hardware; and my price range is about 2k.....any ideas?? I have a black cambon and a beige GST. I am looking for something a bit different.....THANKS!
  2. white jumbo flap!
  3. there's a med white reissue w/vintage looking chain, white caviar timeless clutch, new buttery cream white flap, white expandable at Saks, San Antonio, 210 341 4111, ask for Brandi (let her know Marisa send you from tPF), she'll take good care of you :yes: good luck!
  4. I think my Saks had the white medallion tote w/ silver h/w. My SA there is Delyse and her work cell number is 248-515-1126. Please tell her April referred you. Good luck!
  5. white jumbo flap
  6. Thanks for your help ladies! What is retail on the white jumbo flap; and where is it avail? THANKS
  7. $2650 My SA at the above mentioned number has one with silver hardware.
  8. I really like my DS tote in white. It's perfect and priced wise. The other one that I like is the expandable flap in cream. I think it's the same price as jumbo classic.