It's so rough being a beagle

  1. Ladies,

    I cannot tell you what a rough life my beagle has. He has to spend all day begging for treats and sniffing things. Is it any wonder that this is how I found him (IN MY BED!) the past two days.

    So sleepy!

    He looks annoyed that I woke him up, doesn't he?

    And finally this is the look I get when he wants me to get off The Purse Forum

  2. LMAO!
    Poor Darwin!Does he miss the other JILL!????
  3. Your dog is so cute. I had a beagle once but he drove my mom insane with his constant barking so she sold him =( Your dog has such a rough life :biggrin:
  4. LOL! Jilly! He's so cute~!
  5. LOL! What a cutie! I took care of my ex bf's beagle for a while but his constant howling in the middle of the night drove me nuts, I had to give him back.
  6. So cute!!!!!!
  7. Aaaaw, he's adorable! I love beagles.
  8. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! omg your beagle is absolutely adorable!

  9. I'm really lucky that Darwin is not a howler because I know that beagles can howl like crazy. LOL, I think it's too much effort for him!
  10. that is too funny! beagles have the sweetest faces!
  11. too cute :smile:
  12. That puppy dog sad look is so sweet!
  13. my ruby is half beagle...and as we speak, she is snoring in my bed and under the covers. hehe.

    your furbaby is adorable too. =)
  14. Aww so cute!! I love beagle´s, they are so sweet natured.
  15. yeah, these beagles have a rough life...mine are like that too!