Its so painful

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  1. That I can get the same bag in france for 200$(Cnd) less :sad2: (Adorable little popincourt) Now if only I knew someone that was going to france.
  2. Yea, totally agree. The 15% tax in most provinces isn't helping either.
  3. I'm going to be in Europe this summer and I think a few of the girls on the forum will be as well. Maybe one of us can help!
  4. I know huh!
  5. My co-worker is going to france in May and believe me I've already made a list. I can't believe its soooo much cheaper and i thought hawaii prices were a steal.
  6. yeah, the price difference is really huge sometimes. the damier parioli costs approx. 670 euros on eluxury, 640 euros here in austria and 610 euros in france.
  7. Please do organize a shopping expedition ladies! For the sake of my wallet. :lol:
  8. I heard they limit you at the LV in Paris? Is this true? My friend at work told me that there were people outside the store giving people cash to walk in and buy a bag for them because they reached their limit.