It's so hard to decide!


Which bag to get next?

  1. Pine GGH Day

  2. Tomato SGH *something*

  3. Plomb Step

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. And I just can't do it alone! :confused1:

    So if you wouldn't mind helping a fellow B-lover out, what bbag should I get next? I'm at a loss, I love Pine and want a Pine GGH Day, but I sold off a red bag last month, so I need a red, and Tomato with SGH (Day, PT, City, Brief? I don't know which either!) looks so beautiful to me, and to top it off, I'm in love with Plomb and the Step style...I think a marriage of the two would be divine.

    In a perfect world, I'd buy all three, and deal with my bank account later, but seeing as that would be a bad thing to do, let's start with one as I can buy one now.

    Opinions, criticisms, comments, all forms of sounding off appreciated!
  2. I am a fan of bright colour so I had to vote for Tomato :smile: especially the SGH combo..
  3. I'm the plomb vote :smile:)
    I think is the more versatile in the bunch, and i love the step style!!
  4. What do you currently have? :smile:
  5. I have voted Plomb (because I am tempted by it) and Step (because I like my violet one).

    I would have said Pine but I hate my GSH Pine leather (stiff and dry). If you could go to a shop and choose a better one yourself, I wouldn't rule this out.
  6. I like the versatility of Plomb and I prefer regular hardware, so my vote is for Plomb Step :biggrin:
  7. I vote for Tomato beacause everyone needs a red bag ;)
  8. I voted Plomb!!
    I am intrigued by this colour!! And it is so versatile!
  9. I voted tomato as I LOVE this colour
  10. Plomb! Even though I don't care for the Step, I love the Plomb color! It goes with just about everything!!:yes:
  11. Definitely tomato with GSH...I think it is an amazing red and looks even better with GSH!
  12. I'm clearly in the minority, but I love pine and I think it's stunning IRL!
  13. well...what does the rest of your bag colors look like? i would go from there. but if i were to just pick a color from your list, i would pick plomb.
  14. That would be helpful, wouldn't it? Mea culpa! :shame:

    I have a Truffle Mini Bowling, Black Twiggy, and a Natural GGH Day. I can buy one now and put away some for the S/S 2008 colors or I can buy two now, maybe? I sold off my LVs, IFs, Botkiers, and a few Guccis because ever since bbags hit me in the end of June, they are all that I've wanted.

    And also, for all of you Tomato SGH lovers, which style do you recommend? I'm moving away from the Brief and I don't know if I want 3 Days (I will eventually get the Pine GGH Day, if not this bag, my next one has to be it), though I love the Day style, it's so slimming and slouchy. The City with GH looks a bit squished together and the PT could be to EW? :confused1: This is sooo hard!
  15. I am all for the Plomb Step.