It's so hard being a beagle

  1. My beagle has such a hard life, can you tell? He doesn't know he's not human:nogood:


    This picture of him cracks me up, so I had to share!
  2. How cute is that!? :p
  3. LOL so cute
  4. Ha! He looks so comfy! Thanks for sharing!
  5. awwwww :smile: dogs make my heart melt =) adorable!
  6. I love seeing pictures like this of dogs sleeping like humans, lol. My moms dogs used to so the same thing and it is so funny to see. He is so cute.
  7. OMG! Such a cute picture!!!!
  8. He looks so comfortable....I really want a nap right NOW.
  9. OMG! If you tell me he put that comforter over his body by himself I'll never stop laughing! He looks the kind of guy that could sleep all day!

  10. Hehehe yup, he pulls the comforter over himself like that! He loooooooves to be comfortable so he's always tugging the blankets over him to get them just right & stealing pillows. Usually he sleeps cuddled up with his stuffed platypus toy, but I guess he couldn't find it this time.

    He's such a ridiculous creature.
  11. you are such an animal abuser:roflmfao: cute pic!!
  12. Classic!
  13. :angel::angel::angel: He's not only sweet and cute, but talented too!
  14. awww, how cute! i can't believe he pulled the comforter up by himself!
  15. Aw so cute! I love beags :smile:

    Mine likes to re-arrange all the pillows on our bed and then lay in a pile of feather pillows all sprawled out.