It's so funny when...

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  1. I was at school with my new Peyton and was joking on how I won't put her on the floor and I needed a purse hook for my desk - I didn't mention it was Coach, if someone notices on their own then all the better. A girl with a older, pretty dirty, siggy-print tote was bragging to the extreme about her purse, and how she loves Coach, and her bag.. etc. etc. I smiled and properly 'oohed' and 'ahhed' never saying that I too, carried a Coach. I just think it's funny that she would brag about her product never knowing that others could (gasp) possibly be carrying her same brand

    I never broadcast my bag... what are your thoughts on this?
  2. If she was a true Coach lover she should have recognized your bag was Coach, she seems like one who only carries siggy for the brand recognition, otherwise why would she let it get so dirty?

    I advertise my bags only to other Coach lovers, there are some women at my church who love it and we like to compare when we get new purchases, but to me that's like revealing to you guys on here. I never advertise that it's a Coach, the quality speaks for itself so I don't care who knows.
  3. The people I see do this usually have the bags with the "C"s ALL OVER THEM. Not that there is anything wrong with those bags. Just something I have noticed. They usually don't take the time to learn anything about the brand, they just flaunt the "C"s.
  4. i've noticed that too, all they know is that it's coach and they'll tell anyone who will listen.

    i don't broadcast my coaches unless i'm asked what bag i'm carrying. i make one exception if i'm talking to my boyfriend's mother who also loves coach and has a couple of beautiful vintage pieces that i'm insanely jealous of lol
  5. It's definitely okay with friends and family that know - but minor acquaintances at school? eiich :confused1:
  6. I was thinking of this today. I don't broadcast either and generally not fond of signature bags of any brand. Same goes for clothing. I don't want to be a walking advertisement.

    One person has recognized my Mahogany Brooke Hobo as Coach, and a guy in a salon said "I LOVE your bag". That's enough for me.
  7. LOL if she loves Coach so much then why was her bag dirty and gross?
  8. her behavior is exactly what I'd expect of someone carrying a signature c, isn't that the point? so people know it's a coach bag ;)

    don't worry. your bag is doing exactly what it's suppose to be doing. not broadcasting it's coach and no one really knows unless they're really familiar with the brand or if they ask
  9. I like having the "c's" because its my first initial. Its a vanity thing for me. Just like i want a burberry because my last name is burr.

    I think its funny.
  10. I see a lot of that where I go to school. Lots of girls with big sig coach bags that are horribly dirty and they plop them on the floor on top of that. I dont think everyone who has sig bags wants everyone to notice "hey look at me i have a COACH bag!!!!" ...obviously people will know the brand but personaly i just like the look of my one sig tote bag. Of course I got in several years ago when nowone in my school had coach and deff not fake coach at
  11. yeah I dont let my bags get dirty, put on the floor, nothing. But i see people treating them bad. It makes me sad..its like why pay the money and thrash it.
  12. There is nothing wrong with signature print... I have at least four handbags that have some form of "C"s on it whether it be siggy or Op Art...Does that count as Siggy?

    I have noticed that many non Coachies who decide to go out and get a Coach do go for siggy because they figure if they are going to get one they want every one to know exactly what they are carrying... that is why the outlets offer so much siggy.

    Besides knowing some of the styles the way I can really spot a non siggy Coach are the hangtags. They have such a wide variety of handbags... not just the siggy C's that people are used to seeing. It is kind of a shame people are unaware of all the beautiful patent and leather think the first time I went to an outlet I didn't even ask about Sabrina or Audrey! I was clueless though lol.

    I remember before I was into Coach my classmate was bragging about how she picked up a Coach bag at the outlet on black friday. It wasn't ugly at all but I remember there being nothing remarkable about it... looking back on it now it was definitely a MFF siggy purse. Don't get me wrong I actually like siggy but there is a certain way for it to be done that makes it worth the (even outlet) price IMO.
  13. Oh I LOVE siggy when it's done right! I love the OP Art design... and I love the bigger design - she had one of the smaller 'c' prints which I'm not a huge fan of - but that's to each their own =)

    In fact, I'm hoping my next purchase might be a silver siggy hailey!
  14. I was agreeing w/ u...sorry didn't mean to accuse you of saying there was something wrong with it...
  15. I didn't think you were accusing.. I was agreeing with you too! LOL!