It's so BIG !!

  1. But I love it - my new rouge vif courier. I couldn't find the work in this color so I "settled" for this style, and well, I love it. Perfect for the mommy on the go. I'm going to take a photo now....
  2. Congrats on your new bag!
  3. well you know size DOES matter....:yahoo:
  4. Ooh, show us, we can take it!! Congrats, can't wait to see!!!!!!
  5. Here it is -- it's HUGE but I love how I can put everything in it (very helpful with a toddler). Just thought I'd share, I know it's not that popular of a style, but I really like it :love: I think the color red is great for this bag too -- really makes it stand out
  6. one more . . .
  7. it's gorgeous
  8. Gorgeous bag and it looks great on you!
  9. Thanks you guys :smile: I'm almost 5'8 so it does look big on me, but not too big. At first when I saw it I was thinking OMG -- I can put my toddler in there when he gets tired :lol: But it slouches just right in all the right places. Also in those pictures, it is totally stuffed with all of our things.

    Only wish? I wish the leather was more distressed. It's nice and thick vs. last seasons leather but lacks the "squishy-ness" because of the lack of distressing. Ah well, still love it.
  10. Congrats, the courier is a wonderful bag! I have one in emerald and I find it very useful when I need to carry books, or extra clothes, etc. It drapes beautifully and doesn't look as big as you would think when it is slouching. I'm only 5'5 and I don't think it was ridiculous at all on me! Enjoy it, I'm sure it will be great to hold all your toddler's stuff!
  11. Oh! was made for you! Love the style, love the color! stunning!
    It's NOW on my wishlist!:love:
  12. this bag looks GREAT on you! i love the color. congrats!
  13. MAMMA!!!!! You look amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!! :love:
  14. Looks terrific on you, mammab!! You're right, red is a great color for such a big bag, and it's great with your coloring too. It'll distress, especially if you start carrying your toddler in it!! ;)
  15. mammab your new b-bag looks HOT on ya!!! You wear it well!!! CONGRATS and thanks for sharing pics! :nuts: